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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Hello again everyone! I know it has been a long time since I set my goal to start this blog, but I had a lot of life stuff get in the way and it took away a lot of my spare hobby time. Anyways, enough excuses. Today we are here to do a complete breakdown of Smoke, the new Alchemists captain! Let’s begin.

Stat Line

We’ll kick it off with the movement stat. With a jog of 4″ and a sprint of 6″, it would seem as if Smoke is very slow. There will be more analysis later, but I basically treat this as if the movement stat is a bonus 4-6″ of movement for Smoke. Next up is the TAC. With a TAC of 4, Smoke is not really a combat mastermind. With a tackle on her 2 result of the playbook, she will mainly only be directly attacking models in possession of the ball token. Smoke’s kick stat of 4/6″ really enables her to be a fairly effective scorer once you add in her teleport and normal movement. Again, more on that shortly. Possessing a DEF of 4+, ARM 1, and 16 health makes Smoke pretty survivable once you add in all of the cover that Alchemists have access to.

Character Plays

Smoke Bomb is an excellent character play, especially when you take into account the Cloud Jumper special rule. It also allows for Smoke to benefit from cover. Alchemy Mix is another great character play. Great uses for this include copying her own Smoke Bomb, Mercury’s Fire Blast, Calculus’ Noxious Blast, and many others. Chemical Breeze can be very good if your opponent positions so that they are just out of a continuous effect AOE. They really just can’t get away from Smoke!

Character Traits

Cloud Jumper is really what makes Smoke unique. So far, I have found it much more effective to help Smoke become a scoring threat. With a sprint, Smoke Bomb, and the teleport, Smoke can move effectively 14″. Smoke can also Sprint, get a tackle on a 2 result, make a cloud, teleport, and score. The possibilities are endless! I could dedicate an entire article just to this trait (and I will soon). The next trait, Momentous Inspiration, is extremely good for Alchemists. It allows them to generate MP from character plays that hit and cause damage while within the 4″ aura. That really helps Alchemists with their MP generating issues they can some times face. Finally, we get to Unpredictable Movement. Smoke already has some amazing movement shenanigans, so why not this too? Granted, this is not as effective as it could be if she had a 2″ melee. A lot of savvy players will be able to play around this, but it’s good to have just in case.

Legendary Play

Chemical Shower is a pretty good Legendary Play for Smoke. She can some times suffer with damage output, and it is nice to be able to put a final 3 points of damage on 2-3 enemy players. That is the best use for it I have played out so far.

Closing Thoughts

As a dedicated Alchemists player, Smoke could not make me more happy. She really makes the guild play the way I feel like they should. Her control game really makes a good complement to Midas. Later on I’ll be posting more articles on Smoke. This one was just to give a general overview for people who may be new to her. Enjoy! The next article we will be recommendations for models to play with her.


Welcome to Snap Shot!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I just wanted to write an introductory post and point out my topics and goals for the blog.

For starters, I am from Morgantown, WV and have been playing Guild Ball for the the last 3 months. I was hooked from the very first time I played. My first Guild is Brewers. I love their models and play style, but because I’m an addict to cool minis, I quickly bought into Union and Alchemists as well. Alchemists are going to become my most played Guild, so you can expect most of this blog to be centered around them.

This blog is not going to be just Guild centric. Another goal I have for this is to have a series of posts dedicated to starting Guild Ball and coming from various other game systems. Expect these posts to have various topics centered around basic how to’s and such.

I wanted to keep this post short, so that is all for now. I look forward to seeing the direction this blog takes in the future!