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The Quench: “My Favorite Color is Done”

Well I’m on vacation with the family this Thanksgiving week, but I thought I’d show how thankful I am for the Blacksmith’s by putting some paint on them. Below are my sledge and Anvil painted to the best tabletop standard I am capable. Took about 4 hours. I’m hoping the picture upload quality is better than it looks on my phone. If it’s rough Go check them out on The Quench’s FB page and like it while you’re there! Enjoy!


Hobby Moment(um): Another Best Goal Victory

Best Goal, Bourbon Trail Open

Another victory for my dream inspired goal. It looked like Mat and Rich had a good time playing with my goal as they made their decision at the Bourbon Trail Open. It was a great tournament and I plan on writing an article (or series of articles) about my tournament experiences so far in the near future.

Special thanks (in this post) to Potbelly Gaming for the awesome widgets as part of my prize. You can find them at

Hobby Moment(um): Butcher’s Goal and Tracker

It took me a while to come up with a custom goal token for Butchers that wasn’t meat hanging from a pole. One day it just came to me. I’ve been working for a while on it, but got motivated over the break to finish it up so I have it ready for Snowball.

Butcher's goal for arabicjesus


I also had an idea for a momentum/vp tracker to go along with it. I wanted to continue the pig theme (especially with Truffles coming along sometime). I also knew I had to have it covered in something instead of a clear base like the goal. decided on a two layer momentum/vp tracker of pigs in mud. It’s like they are ready to be put up on the goal after the enemy scores each time.


Momentum/VP Tracer