Month: December 2015


In this post I lay out the purpose of this website and this blog.

The Website: I have fallen in love with Guild Ball. Everyone I have demoed the game for has fallen in love with Guild Ball. The game is growing fast in WV and I felt like we had something to offer the community, or at least help ourselves better ourselves by analyzing what we do. Right now (as of this writting) it is a blog for some of the earlier adopters (from all the way back two months ago) to put there thoughts, but I have other plans. I don’t really want to lay all of them out here in case they don’t work out and I look like an idiot, but there will be at least game tracking and probably videos of games.


My Blog: For my blog I am going to talk about whatever I want. I am a Mathematician and gamer and very much like when those two things overlap. In fact, my favorite Maths are Game Theory (more the study of Nim and less economics). That is where I got the name of the blog (linky). I play Butchers and also plan to play Fishermen and Masons. I’ve been working on some hobby projects to go along with my teams as well. So expect any of the following from my blog (with other topics thrown in as a whim): Analysis of the game (both Mathematical and not), battle reports, hobby project posts, and pictures of my models.

I ’bout had it with these meat cutters…

Alright folks here is game six.

Another go round against my Pundit playing butchers. He brought Ox, Princess, Shank, Brisket, Boiler, and Tenderizer.

I brought Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot and Stave.

I did my typical deployment for this lineup from left to right. Friday, Hooper, Spigot, Stave, Tapper, Scum.

My opponent deployed from my left to right Brisket and Shank on my left flank across from Friday, with Boiler, Princess, and Ox located centrally in front of Tenderizer.

I played my first game actually getting to receive, but it didn’t do me any good.

He moved up with Brisket and kicked in such a way that an obstruction kept me from being able to move up, possess the ball, and move back a bit to survive the rush. As a result my opponent repossessed the ball and passed for momentum on his first activation.

The first turn wen t much like first turns do for me. I moved up my favorite trio and put them all in cover on the left flank. Keeping Friday and Spigot close with hooper lending each a hand in most combats. Stave moved right up the middle and lobbed a barrel at one victim, Tapper and Scum moved up together.

Turn two we continued jockeying for position and exchanged some mild to moderate damage.

Turn three saw the butchers take the upper hand with two brewers (Spigot and Hooper) being knocked out before I could begin knocking down and pounding face. 0-4

Turn four saw a Butcher goal and another knockout (Stave). 0-10

Turn five saw me return Hooper and Spigot, Put the ball in position for Friday to slide over and score in time for Boiler to kill Scum and clinch the game the activation before I score. 0-12


I made a few activation order snafus where i could potentially have gotten a knockdown to make my opponent have to garner momentum to move forward with his plans (which he has 0 problem doing against me [he ends most turns between 5-8 momentum while using 2-3 through the course of his turn])

I know Brewers can beat butchers, I’ve seen the tournament results, but I can’t figure out how. I’m still very new to the game and I’m playing my pundit who scored in the top half of the field in St. Louis and at Capital, but I feel like I end up doing nothing in these games. I set my models up in the locations they need to be in to use their synergies, set them up to start the momentum engine of pushing and knocking down, and then get murdered before I can execute. I’m beginning to think that you can’t make mistakes against butcher.

As always, knock one back for the good ole Moonshiner (he’s knocking a few back himself tonight). Cheers

Archived post, All one of ’em

Below is the first Musing I posted containing the beginning of my short time playing the Brewers.

Hello from the Mountain State of West Virginia. I’ve seen people keep game logs in various forms, and I thought I’d try keeping one here so I could get some feedback. At this point I’m very new to the game. I got the last few pieces of the team yesterday, put them together and played my fourth and fifth games shortly thereafter. I am really enjoying the game and want to do my best to get to a competitive level, and I think keeping a record of my games and getting the aforementioned feedback will help in that endeavor. So here goes…

Game 1: Demo game with my local pundit. Brewers Vs. Butchers.

It’s been about 3 months so I don’t remember the result and as it was an introductory game I don’t know that the result matters all that much.

Game 2: Demo game: Brewers vs. Engineers.

Lost due to bad positioning mostly. He won the roll, elected to receive, and deployed on flank. I deployed across from him to use my teams beat-face nature to secure victory. He used all of his knocks downs and pushes to throw my players of the board.

Loss 0-6

Game 3: Short game (8 pts) vs. Engineers.

Played a more central and aggressive strategy. Lineup was Tapper, Hooper, Spigot, Friday, Stave, and Scum. I didn’t keep scum close enough to Tapper, or Spigot and Friday as close as they should be, and therefore robbed myself of the benefits those synergies bring. On average I had 3 players knocked down at the beginning of each turn in this game. Stave is the only reason I got anything done thanks to a couple good barrels. After seeing what he could do the game before I focused most of my aggro on Salvo, giving hate to ballista as I could. I struggled to generate momentum in this game, and lost 8 (two KO one goal)-2

Game 2-3 overall thoughts.

I had real difficulty dealing with the control element of the engineers. I ignored Hooper’s wonderful character play all evening (Doh). I also never once used commanding aura with Tapper. I didn’t really understand what the team wanted to be doing.

Game 4: Full game vs. Butchers against pundit.

Prior to this game i spent the week reading the rules, the forums, and pretty much anything I could get my hands on to tell me how the Brewers wanted to play. I learned a lot about what synergies are more beneficial than others and what each model really wanted to be doing. I knew I wouldn’t be able to out fight the Butchers so I elected to take a more goal oriented lineup of Tapper, Hooper, Spigot, Friday, Scum, and Mash. I kept friday and spigot close while having them flank Hooper so he could help them both in combat on the left side of center, deployed tapper centrally with scum to his right, and I put Mash on the right wing.

Long story short I got eaten alive this game. 12-0 I kept everyone close enough to take advantage of their preferred synergies and used each individual closer to the conventional uses that I read here and on Oz. I was keeping up until about turn 4 but by the end of that turn I had 2 models left on the board and they weren’t in position to help each other.


Game 5: Short game vs. Masons against pundit.

And here is the first win folks. It took me playing against my pundit when he was trying out a secondary team, but as they say in the sports a win is a win.

I dropped Mash for Stave, ended up having to kick and used Stave to do so to get him up the board. He was playing a very aggressive flavor of Masons and was doing some good damage. I lined up in a very similar fashion to last time. The left side of my board was identical with Friday, Hooper, and Spigot holding it own, Tapper retaining his place in the center, Stave Beside him, and Scum outside of Stave but close enough for the extra Tapper influence. He possessed the Ball with flint and ran up the board. I was position ok but didn’t see much of a way of stopping Flint. Due to a couple of good knockdowns he had to use an unideal order of activation which allowed me to use good old stave to possess the ball, and try to kick it to Spigot. Thanks to being within 4 of Spigot at the time of the pass i got the extra die and was still inaccurate and missed. the ball scattered forward toward midfield and was fought over by Chisel and Friday, with Friday possessing the ball. I then moved tapper and Spigot up to knock down the people in Friday’s way, knocking one of them out in the process. Friday scored at the end of the turn and thenfirst thing next turn I knocked out Chisel getting me my last two points for the win.

Found the momentum engine of Brewers but they seem to be throw out of whack pretty easily. This is probably due to a lack of both experience and familiarity on my part, but I think I’m staring to understand what they want to do and how to try and do it.


I know these reps are really vague and am going to endeavor to start keeping more accurate notes and potentially also taking pictures of the board state to give a better understanding of game flow. If you are interested in following my progress and giving feedback let me know if there is any specific info you would like in the reports. Knock one back for the Moonshiner lads. Cheers!

Fire up the still boys….

Hello all!

It’s Andrew your friendly Brewers moonshiner. My musings will be a collection of thoughts, plans, painting progress, and battle reports all related to my progress with my Brewers. Below are a collection of previous entries from my thread on the Steamforged Forums and new entries. I hope you enjoy the commentary and knock a few back for the good ole Moonshiner. Cheers!