Month: February 2016

Aside: Who goes first?

Playing Butchers generates a lot of Momentum. It’s a valuable resource and managing it is very important. It can do a lot during the turn to help your team, but I like to go first. In the past I have shot to be at least 4 ahead, and 5 was ideal. I got the first turn for sure if I got that far ahead. The more I play and the closer the games become it’s more and more important that I use my Momentum to help out my team. So, I needed to know the chances of going first in different scenarios so I could manage my chance of going first. I crunched some numbers and then rounded them to more easily remembered odds/percentages so I am informed while spending Momentum of how it affects my chances of going first. Here is that table (Note: At 5 difference it is 100% chance of the person ahead going first, so it’s not on the table.):

Momentum Difference
Chance of going first
Percent chance
Down 41/254
Down 31/1010
Down 21/520
Down 11/333.33333333
Up 12/366.66666667
Up 24/580
Up 39/1090
Up 424/2596