Month: November 2017

The Quench: “My Favorite Color is Done”

Well I’m on vacation with the family this Thanksgiving week, but I thought I’d show how thankful I am for the Blacksmith’s by putting some paint on them. Below are my sledge and Anvil painted to the best tabletop standard I am capable. Took about 4 hours. I’m hoping the picture upload quality is better than it looks on my phone. If it’s rough Go check them out on The Quench’s FB page and like it while you’re there! Enjoy!


The Quench: Game 2 brings some validation

Tonight I got to play against my pundit and his Butchers. My Pundit is a great player and I traditionally have extreme difficulty in taking him down. Tonight he ran a line up that had some twists on what I normally see from him. He brought Ox, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, VBrisket, and Tenderizer. We agreed that I could proxy and I took Ferrite as Captain, Iron, Furnace, Cast, Burnish, and Alloy. I envision this list as having “the pony” instead of Burnish, but we still don’t know the rules for that bad boy until tomorrow. I won the roll and elected to receive.


He setup in a close line skewed slightly to my left. I setup the following from left to right Ferrite, Iron (3-4 in gap for moving around terrain) Furnace, Cast, Burnish, and Alloy on the right wing. His kick scatters perfectly to me right in front of the fire friends pod.

Turn 1:

I use burnish to get the ball and put out a fire AOE. I fail my kick to cast (it seems a failed pass is just how I start receiving games). I collect the ball with Ferrite and string some passes together. I hid Ferrite behind the fire AOE, but Ox could still reach her. He hurt her pretty badly, but she made it. My last activation I move alloy up the pitch to set him up to score early in turn two.

Turn 2:

I activate Ferrite and aggressively debuff Ox, I also use some dodges to place myself in such a position that If he wanted to take out Ferrite he would have to be in both Iron and Furnaces Melee zones. He does not commit to going into that deathtrap, but I still kill Ox. Then Alloy slams one home late in the turn. 6-0 Smithy’s

Turn 3: Revenge of the meatcutters

This turn I don’t remember super well. I had something real nice setup for Iron and whiffed and tilted. honestly one of the worst tilts I’ve gone on in a long time. I’m really not sure where it came from and it took me a while to snap out of it. My opponent used this disorientation to capitalize on the order of activation errors I made subsequently. Ferrite and Alloy both go down this turn. 6-4 Smiths.

Turn 4:

Again I was still trying to recover from my tilt here. I brought ferrite on on the right wing, and alloy comes back on the left wing. He takes down furnace and Cast this turn. I take the dog and meathook. 9-8 Smiths

Turn 5

Ferrite is in a position such that she can get to brisket, acrobatics back in after unpredictable movement. Attack and disarm for momentum, momentously tackle the ball, shoot with a bonus time. She puts the ball on the post. 12-8 Smiths.


My hypothesis about Alloy not needing hearth is completely correct. Yes she offers him a great deal of utility, but his native threat and inherent ability to get away from other models is fantastic on his own.

Cast loves Furnace. The fire plus -1 Arm makes her a monster. Burnish was great and she made use of him, but she likes Furnace better.

Having the 13th influence all game made my influence choices so easy

Sorry for the Rambling tone folks, its late in the Appalachians.


The Quench: First Thoughts

Hello and welcome to The Quench. In this blog I plan to outline my thoughts and experiences on playing the Blacksmith’s guild. The night before the launch of Guild Ball: Season 1 I was sitting in my FLGS with a few members of the Mountaineer’s Guild and talking about what guilds we wanted to see added to the game. My immediate response was Blacksmith’s. I tend to play Dwarves in most games and saw a Blacksmith’s guild as my way to get a heavy armored, offense oriented team in Guild Ball. I did not foresee what it was the Blacksmith’s would bring to us. A high armored, deceptively fast, versatile team that likes to scores goals to win. Truth be told it’s better than I could have imagined, but let’s get right to it.

I plan to give you my unfiltered opinion of how my games go and what my thoughts are on how the Blacksmith’s function. I’d love for this to start a dialogue in the community, so please feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

Opinion 1: Furnace is a far better Master for cast than Burnish.

Both masters hold the ability to set a few potential targets on fire for cast. While burnish will likely want to do this from range, Furnace will do it via Searing Strike. Furnace will lower the ARM stat of the target, set them on fire, and provide a gang up bonus for her. Lowering the defense on the model prior to Cast going in will provide you the opportunity to select a damage result instead of her needing to take Shield Glare to do so, or she can take the character play in cases of dealing with ARM 2 to mitigate the targets armor altogether. Add in the fact that Furnace can start by putting Tooled Up on Cast so she will have +1 from that and another +1 from Burning Passion when she goes in. Using her dodges from swift strike you can also make sure she ends within 1″ of Furnace so that she benefits from [Sentinel] to put her at 3+/2 on the good side of the def stat curve. Charmed [Male] makes her a 4+/2 to make her nearly untouchable by the fellas on the field. Furnace just gives her more than Burnish, and I plan to run those two in a pod quite frequently.

Opinion 2: Score Immediately

When playing the Blacksmiths, thirteen influence is the magic number. At thirteen it feels like I don’t have nearly as many tough choices with my influence, and everything starts to click. I don’t care if your opponent has a counter goal in reach (which very few likely will if you turn 1 Ferrite goal), you need that thirteenth Influence. Also, we have some great models to hold the ball until you are ready for goal two. Yes I understand I’m kind of stating the obvious here (Scoring Goals and having more influence is good), but in the overall meta of Guild Ball right now many are favoring a very cagey style of play in which the goal is one of the last things you do if it’s not the thing that puts you to twelve. I think the extra influence is so huge for Blacksmith’s that we want to drive one in as soon as it’s possible.

Let me know what you think in the comments and we’ll get the discussion going…


Veteran’s Day Guild Ball Bash Aftermath

Well after a long weekend I’m coming to you all a bit worse for wear. Things didn’t go so well for the old Moonshiner in the that other Virginia. I took the brew crew over to Huzzah Hobbies and went 1-3. Things shook down as follows:

Round 1: Brewers Mirror. I took Esters, Scum, Spigot, Mash, Hooper and Stave. He took Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Friday and I don’t remember number 6. I had the honor of playing one of two veterans participating in the event. He also happens to be a fella I met up at SnowBall 2016 in Philadelphia. We had a fun game. As usual I started out strong and lost steam as the game progressed. I lost out 5-12.


Round 2: Round two may have been the worst game of guild ball I have ever played. I yet again drew the brewers mirror, and we drafted and exact mirror (Esters, Scum, Spigot, Stoker, Mash, Friday). Both myself and my opponent afterwards said that the game boiled down to him winning the roll between rounds one and two and him forcing me to go first with little range and no momentum. I got skunked that round 0-12

Round 3: Thresher Farmers. In what may have been my best game of the day I played against the farmers. I brought Tapper, Scum, Spigot, Friday, Hooper and Mash into Thresher, Peck, Harrow, Jackstraw, Benediction and Windle. I thought this was gonna be a real rough game for me. Between thresher and Windle I wasn’t sure if I could outfight this crew. Turns out I was right. I did get the ball at the start of the game. Grabbed it with the cat and moved up the right side of the board while the scrum broke out on the left side. The game ended on turn 3. Every point scored occurred in that round. I suffered a take out activation 1. I then activated the cat and scored and the ball was put out to benediction. He took out another model. I activated Friday, got the ball off of Benny, and scored it again. He activated thresher and killed 2 models. I activated someone trying to get the fight on. He Activated Jackstraw and scored. Game lost 8-12.


Round 4: Corsair Fish. I brought Tapper, Scum, Spigot, Hooper, Mash and Stave. He brought Corsair, Salt, Kraken, VSiren, Sakana, and Greyscales. Having played against VSiren before I knew I’d want Stave to try and keep her dread gaze away from the scrum so I could still get some wraps in. My opponent misplayed Siren’s position all game, having her accessible to Tapper and Hooper’s 2″ reach. I won the game 12-8. I got 6 take outs (3 on siren, 2 on Sakana, and one on the old fish).

Distilling it down: The Brew Crew is going on the shelf for a while. I’ve come to the realization that my play style in this game favors the 2-2 or 3-0 play style, and that’s just not where the Brewers live.

On an unrelated note, Huzzah Hobbies is an awesome store in NOVA and I recommend playing in events there whenever possible. Bill Anderson of GBT was also an excellent host and a fine TO and I thank him on behalf of the entire Mountaineers Guild.

So, at least for now, this is goodbye friends. The old Moonshiner is heading back to the hills and his stills. Cheers.

Veteran’s Day Tourney in that other Virginia

The good ole Moonshiner is getting ready to make a run to the Veteran’s Day Guild Ball Bash at Huzzah Hobbies. I’ll be updating live from the event between rounds provided I have time, and I’ll distill down all my games as always. After finally locking in what I want my Brewers tournament 10 to be I find myself in the position of not having the only union model (Hemlocke) painted. As a result I’ll be running a pure guild 10 including the following.

  • Esters
  • Tapper
  • Scum
  • Friday
  • Hooper
  • Mash
  • Pint Pot
  • Spigot
  • vSpigot
  • Stoker

I’ve got my two to three preferred builds in this ten not including the team that needs Hemlocke. Like most other players I find I have staple players and tend to season my lists around what I need to do.

I’ll keep you all up to date as best I can. I’m looking forward to this one, no doubt.

Distilling it down:  Just remember: the best Virginia is West Virginia.