In this post I lay out the purpose of this website and this blog.

The Website: I have fallen in love with Guild Ball. Everyone I have demoed the game for has fallen in love with Guild Ball. The game is growing fast in WV and I felt like we had something to offer the community, or at least help ourselves better ourselves by analyzing what we do. Right now (as of this writting) it is a blog for some of the earlier adopters (from all the way back two months ago) to put there thoughts, but I have other plans. I don’t really want to lay all of them out here in case they don’t work out and I look like an idiot, but there will be at least game tracking and probably videos of games.


My Blog: For my blog I am going to talk about whatever I want. I am a Mathematician and gamer and very much like when those two things overlap. In fact, my favorite Maths are Game Theory (more the study of Nim and less economics). That is where I got the name of the blog (linky). I play Butchers and also plan to play Fishermen and Masons. I’ve been working on some hobby projects to go along with my teams as well. So expect any of the following from my blog (with other topics thrown in as a whim): Analysis of the game (both Mathematical and not), battle reports, hobby project posts, and pictures of my models.

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