A Bull and his Dog

In my non-moonshining time I’m a teacher. At this point I don’t have to work for a couple weeks so content will likely be a lot of short posts as I think of stuff while I’m relaxing by the fire sipping some bourbon.


Here’s the first one:

I have adopted the line of thinking that to beat butchers with my brewers I have to try and score 2 goals and KO 2 players. The Brewers can’t stand and fight the Butchers right? No one can right? I’m starting to think that this may not be the truth. There is no debating that the Butchers can dish out more damage than my brewers, but I think the brewers can hang with it due to their prevalence of damage reducing and/or armor increasing abilities. I think the key lies less in what brewers are there, but what Butchers arent, and I think this comes down to the Ox and Princess.

Ox is the more obvious of the problems. He is buffing everyone around him in the scrum with a minimum [+1] damage, max [+3] and lowering armor by 1 or 2. Once he’s gone and the butchers go down to doing mostly just dice as he is the source of most damage buffs in the team I should be on decent ground to use my knockdowns judiciously and slug it out. That is, of course, if you’ve taken out the buff pup.

Princess is the other key to trying to outslug Butchers. She buffs one of the better pains-in-the-backside in the guild. I speak of course of the little armor piercing dork Boiler. Boiler is a pain with his ARM reduction, but add the extra tac and damge from being near the pooch (plus what Ox is giving him) and he’s a freaking nightmare in goggles. Princess also turns little Brisket into a 6 tac model swing like the best brewers on the field (again even more if Ox is close).

Distilling it Down:

Brewers want to fight not score. They can score, goodness knows I love Friday and Spigot, but they want to be in a drunken brawl. To try and avoid that is trying to play a team in a style they don’t want to play in, and thus seems to be leading to my rather resounding defeats. I think without the Buffs from Ox and Princess I might be able to fight it out.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Am I crazy for trying? Post here or on the Steamforged forums and let me know what you think!

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