Back from a Bender…

Hello all! FUSEWV your friendly moonshiner here. It’s been a while since I’ve sounded off, and I have 4 Brewers games to tell you about.

Brewers Vs. Alchemists. I failed three, yes three, four dice shot attempts in this game and that really tells the tale. I also basically played the alchemists four my opponent by offering him the optimal choice in the moment.

Loss 12-0

Brewers vs. Alchemists. Same opponent, same builds. Big daddy Stave rolled in hard in this game. I did a good job of getting midas and usually one other alchemist on their backside right away forcing my opponent to activate models in a non-ideal order and really play from behind. My opponent was really playing the midas machine and using my knockdowns well and connecting my melee zones really was the key to this one. I got one knockdown and three goals to my opponents one goal.

Win 14-4

Brewers vs. Alchemists. Same opponent, same builds, same day. I don’t remember much of this game except for the fact that I won it. I did the same strategy using stave and making him activate out of whack.

Now earlier today was the rematch everyone was waiting for, at least everyone who checks mountaineersguild regularly. I played against my pundits butchers. This was one hell of a game, so much so in fact that my pundit became ill as a result of how hard I made him work. I used Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, and Mash. He brought Ox, Princess, Boiler, Brisket, Tenderizer and Gutter. He mostly used gutter in ways that helped me such as pulling in a model in such a fashion as to free up space to get one of my 2″ melee models in a good spot, opening up dodge lanes, etc. I scored an early goal with friday and did a good job of getting the ball out of a 7 model scrum (I wish I had a picture, it was an epic bloodbath). I squeezed the ball out to tapper while he was in range and failed a three die shot. my opponent began to move the ball up my left flank, but I stole the ball and got it back around to Friday for another score. in this time however I had been losing models pretty regularly. My article about how to outfight butchers will not lead to outfighting butchers, but placing emphasis on Ox did help me stay more mobile and make my opponent keep his focus off of my ball handlers.

Loss 12-8

Distilling it down:

  • Brewers have the tools to deal with Midas. between deft uses of knockdowns, overlapping your melee zones, and some key counterattacks you can deal with him.
  • Play a balanced game against alchemists. 2-2 is probably what you’ll need to win.
  • You aren’t going to outfight Butchers, but my guide to outfighting them will help you wrangle them.
  • Missing a goal against butchers is fatal. Set them up well and get the highest number of dice you can because you have to outscore them and do it pretty quickly.

Make sure to drink one down for the ole moonshiner. Cheers!

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