The house the Moonshiner built

Hey all! It’s the ole Moonshiner here (FUSEWV). I got to play a game with the Masons today. I played against my pundit in a game where he played as fisherman. Holy Flint! in this game I got to receive. My opponent tried to keep the ball very near to the midline and ended up doing an invalid kick. I gave the ball to mallet who passed to tower, then tower tried to pass to brick and failed, but the scatter took it to flint and I had my momentum. The rest of my turn one was centered around a Flint goal. the next turn saw Flint steal the ball from the first fish to posess it and put it in the goal followed by the ball moving around but eventually saw mallet dispossessed of the ball by shark and shark proceeded to bury it in the net. Third turn I use some push dodges and double dodges to move the ball back up to flint and score my final goal.

Win 12-4

Building blocks:

  • Damn flint can score the ball.
  • He’s also fast as hell
  • he’s also amazing at counterattacking due to the first two bullets
  • did I mention flint is good?
  • arm 2 is incredibly strong. it makes ARM 1 tough hide look shoddy
  • Really the entire team is built to counterattack due to over half of the team having Tackles on 1(momentous) or 2, with only two having tackles on three.
  • I really enjoy the balanced nature of Masons and you will be seeing more masons posts.


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