After a nightcap

Hello all! FUSEWV your favorite Moonshiner here back with another short report and some distillations about what I’ve learned.

Played against a club local and his Engineers. A good game and my third against engineers.

I played a list I had never run before, bringing Tapper, Scum, Stave, Mash, Stoker and Hooper

While my opponent brought Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Ratchet, Velocity, and Compound.

I lost the roll to go first and didnt win a roll for initiative until the final turn. We also forgot our rulebooks (and the fact that the internet is a thing apparently) and played as though we could not charge through rough ground. This was obviously more detrimental to me than to my opponent.

Game started off like most games do against engineers. I try to close on him while he knocks me down and slows me down. He was kind enough to give me the 2 VP for mainspring very early, but in doing so killed scum by fire(2-2). I took a good bit of damage in nickel and dime form as the engineers are want to dish out, but absorbed a lot with my tough hide. I kept tapper, scum and hooper close together and let mash and stoker form another squad. Stave floated in the middle lending a barrel when needed. He fanned out and stayed back as best he could. I killed ballista early (4-2) when he got him about half an inch too far forward and forgot that stoker could brew back to his feet once a turn. Stoker, mash and Tapper made short work of him. Next I got ahold of Salvo with the Pain Train and put him down (6-2). I completely ignored velocity and gave in to conceding a goal, but fortunately it took him an extra turn because he was half an inch out on turn two, but turn three saw him score (6-6). When I goal kicked I got a huge scatter that shot the ball straight to Tapper on my opponents side of the pitch. Mash helped tapper break away from Compound (who was engaged after turn 3) and The Cap’n buried it in the back of the net (10-6). He kicked out and was poised to score early turn 5 (he is relatively new so we played with no clock) but I won the initiative and sent Ballista back to the sidelines for the win (12-6).

Distilling it down:

-Read the rules again. I just don’t have them fully committed to memory.

-Rough ground is a huge pain. Dealing with stuff that slows down my already sluggish team just plain sucks.

-Heal more. I don’t really need the first turn all that often and I rarely heal my players. I think i should spend a little more of my influence on keep my people alive. Especially against engineers who have to struggle to put a decent amount of damage on my Brewers.

Looking forward to Snowball in Philadelphia. My goal is a winning record over five rounds. We’ll see how it shakes out and you’ll be able to read about it right here! Throw one back for the ole moonshiner eh?


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