Aside: Season 2 doesn’t have a lack of 2″ Reach

I have seen/heard many podcasts, posters, and others talk about how 2″ melee is at a premium in season 2. That they are putting 2″ melee on less models. While this is technically true, that is only because there are less models. If you look at the actual percentage of models that have 2″ melee in the two seasons, they are the same. One third of all models have a 2″ melee. That is true for season 1, season 2, and overall. (What follows is the actual percentages. You will notice that season two is a slightly lower percentage, but if even one model from season 2 changed from 1 inch to 2 inch melee then it would be slightly higher than 1/3. So that change if effectively insignificant.)

Season 1
Season 2
2 Inch melee33.90%31.71%33.00%

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