Snowball Tournament Report: Engineers

There was a slight delay in getting this posted but here is, the abridged notes from the Snowball Tournament.  This was my first tournament and I had only played three real games when I went.

My lineup was: Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Velocity, Colossus, Ratchet, Mainspring, and Compound

Round one vs Brewers:  Most of my games up to this point have been against Brewers and I went in feeling comfortable.  I can say that this is one of the closest games I’ve ever played.  We traded blows and the Brewers were in a good position to win.  Even being down by quite a bit I was able to make a very bloody game of it.  Ultimately my opponent clocked about 10 seconds before my own time ran out.  If I remember correctly this got me at least one if not two extra turns.  On my last activation I got two take outs with Ratchet to close it out.  We finished out at 12-10.


Round two vs Fisherman:  This was my first game against fish.  I had heard that there was a very real threat of turn one goals.  I kicked off with Velocity landing the ball just across the mid line and behind a forest.  The hope had been that whoever took the time to get the ball would either separate the team for put them all on one side of the table.  My opponent made a very crucial mistake by giving Shark one less influence than he needed for whatever play he was planning.  Shark was left holding the ball about six inches from Velocity without the focus to kick it away.  Velocity, who had 4 focus, charged tackled, dodged, away, and passed the ball to Compound.  At this point I turtled with the ball behind a gun line of Ballista, Salvo, and Ratchet.  The middle of the table became shooting range with Mainspring suiciding every turn.  A later game attempt to get momentum from a pass ended with the ball out in the open.  Angel was able to pick it up but spent the rest of the game engaged with compound.  Between unlucky rolls and gluttonous mass, she was never able to produce the momentum she needed to score.  Things ended with 6 take outs and a score of 12-2.


Round three vs Union:  This was my first time seeing an all Union team but definitely not my opponents first time against engineers.  My only change at any points vanished when Velocity missed a clear kick at the goal.  After this my team fell apart to a combination of speed and damage I couldn’t hand.  The incredible damage output I saw would eventually lead to my purchase of Rage.  I don’t believe I had seen much use of the healing mechanic before this game and it was powerful.  It was a crushing defeat at 0-12.


Round four vs Brewers:  This was the only match I felt truly comfortable in all day.  Playing against our own Moonshiner, I had a decent game plan going in.  We had a good but very slow paced game which is just what my Engineers like.  The game was fairly close and I will hopefully do a full battle report of this match-up someday.  Engineers finished it 12-8.

I finished 8th overall in a field of 21 and took home best Engineers.  I was thrilled with my performance overall.  I took away from that I need a lot more practice.  I also need to expand my model range and possibly playstyle.  Round three was particularly eye opening to how useful healing can be and I have tried to incorporate it into my games.  The tournament itself was extremely well run.  Despite a fourteen hour round trip I think the tournament was well worth attending.  That’s it for this article but I expect more in depth posts to follow.

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