Chapter 7: Brisket is a little young to have served in the armed forces.

I want to start this article by saying I’ve had no table time with Veteran Brisket. As such, I will stick strictly to the Maths (as they say over seas) and impressions and not to my person experiences. If I feel V. Brisket needs another article after she is released and I get her on the table, then I will write one.

First thing I want to do is compare her threat-on-goal distance versus regular Brisket. She has the same move stat 6/8, and the same base kick stat 3/8″. She loses supershot over regular Brisket. This means a loss of a die and a loss of 2″ of kick. Instead she gains Quick Time. This makes up for her kick going down 2″, but not the -1 die on kicks. There are two situations I find Brisket in a lot that the veteran is better at dealing with.

The first is when the opponent has the ball and Brisket wants to go steal it and score (or kick it away). Regular Brisket has to move in (or charge) and attack to steal the ball, then make an attack to get out of combat, supershot, then kick (or if charge then steal the ball, dodge, and kick). This is a cost of 4 influence and it relies on that second attack actually getting a big enough dodge. Something that has not proven to be reliable in my experiences. Veteran Brisket can move in (or charge) and make an attack, quick time out, and then kick (or charge for -1 influence and do the rest the same, if she has to pay 2 to charge it’s not going to work). If all goes well for both its the same distance and Vet has one less die. Brisket’s advantage is in the fact that Quick Time always works, where Brisket’s dodge may not get off, and often doesn’t.

Another is when Brisket has the ball and needs to get away from someone engaging so she can score. Once again regular Brisket has to rely on getting enough successes to dodge away when Veteran Brisket can just do Quick Time to get away. If regular Brisket can’t get away then she has the same number of dice as veteran Brisket.

While we are talking about Veteran Brisket’s ability to get the ball, let’s look at her ability to get the ball… She has two ways to get the ball. First is a straight up tackle, likely the one she will use more often, and Ball’s Gone. I have done the math to see how likely she is to pull off each. Let’s look at that:

First Tackles:

Tackle on attack
Tackle on charge
Tackle on wrap from charge
Defense/ArmorTackle on attackTackle on chargeTackle on wrap from charge

As you can see, she is very likely to get the ball on a regular attack (down to 50/50 against the ones that add to 5) and pretty much guaranteed to get a tackle on a charge, which she can do for cheaper some times. It was so likely that I went ahead and figure out how likely it was to wrap and get that tackle result.

Ball’s Gone:

Regular Attack
Charge Attack
Defense/ArmorRegular AttackCharge Attack

Sometimes you just need that ball gone. Hopefully in that situation you can get a charge, because that seems like they only time you’ll pull it off.

I have also used Brisket as support for Shank. Brisket can run up and Dirty Knives someone to do a damage (and reduce their defense by 1) so Shank can get +0/+2 speed when charging them. I have used this when people have put a player just out of Shank’s normal reach to get him there anyway. I have not gotten to use it that much though because it is often hard for Brisket to get to that player with dirty knives and do things like get the ball. Veteran Brisket can always just make Shank dodge 2″ before she runs off to do what she needs to do. Gives him the same threat range, but he has to deal with the opponent having 1 more defense. If I have to go get the ball it’s the same level of predictability (since both things happen first), but kicking off I have more options this way.

Now let’s talk about Above and Beyond. Getting a goal with Veteran Brisket nets you 2 influence the following turn. That is an increase of about 20% in resources for the next turn onwards. This is a big swing and really encourages you to score with her early. I have not tried to get early goals recently, deciding to hold on and control the ball, but this might be enough of a benefit to go ahead and score at the end of an early turn.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Butcher’s article without me analyzing the expected damage value. Here is the table:

Regular Attack
Charge Attack
Defense/ArmorRegular AttackCharge Attack

She does similar amounts of damage as Boiler without any buffs. So no dog helping him out. So really not bad in terms of damage. Doing about 2 points of damage per hit seems like the normal amount players do in this game. It only seems on the low side in Butcher’s because of their ability to really crank out damage.

Well, that’s my round up of Veteran Brisket.

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