Chapter 8: You wouldn’t like him when he’s RAAAGE!!!!

I want to talk about one of the Union options for Butchers that has been very hit or miss with me. When he works, he is quite good, but when he doesn’t he’s worthless (mostly).

Let’s look at why he’s good. I’m going to include a table now. It is the expected damage values vs. the various defense and armor combinations. I include these tables for those that want to see it all, even though that makes some people stop reading when they get to one. Like Jason. But don’t worry Jason, I explain the relevant parts of the table afterwards.

Regular Attack
Charge Attack

What is important really to note here is that he performs better than Boiler when Boiler doesn’t have the dog (about on level with Boar and Ox against 4/0) but performs worse than Boiler when he has Princess around. This is true of pretty much every Butcher player. So per hit he is on average for Butchers. That is great news for everyone else that can take him. He also causes bleed, which Fillet appreciates. Let’s look at his overall output:

Charge + Buy

So there are three scenarios you can find yourself in with Rage, and they are represented on this table. First is if Rage is left alone to do what Rage does, with 1 influence on him. He gets a charge, a free attack, buys and attack, then gets a free attack doing a lot of damage in the process (10+ against a lot of players). The second column of values is how much he does given his free charge without the extra influence to get two more attacks. Still a lot of damage considering it took 0 resources. I feel like in my games this scenario doesn’t come up very often, at least not as often as the next scenario. The last column is how much damage he does when he can’t get off the free charge and can only buy an attack (and get a free attack). This is very common for me. Better players will tie Rage up immediately, and even if I can get off the free charge once, often that will be the only time for the rest of the game (forgoing shenanigans specifically to clear someone off him). This, I feel, is the actual expected output of Rage. The most likely thing he will do on any given turn. Which is still decent for 1 influence.

Rage has a pretty good Influence to Momentum conversion factor. He will often get the team 2-4 momentum off of 0-1 influence spent. For a lot of teams this is very good since they have trouble making influence. For Butchers it doesn’t seem like as big of a deal, but I cannot argue with how efficient he is.

Overall he seems pretty good on paper, then I play him and he’s good for a couple games, then I run into an opponent that completely shuts him down for a game and I’m off him again for a couple games. I still don’t actually know what to think of him.

Feel free to leave your comments about what you think of Rage.

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