Chapter 10: The Rise and Fall of Minx

It has been a while since I promised that a article about who I was replacing Rage with was coming, and here it is. I haven’t gotten to play as much in the last couple of months as I wish I could, but I did get to play some games with Minx in place of Rage on my team. I’ll get to my experiences after the run down on the math and why I chose to replace Rage with Minx.

I chose to place Minx in Rage’s spot for two reasons. The first is because Rage wasn’t do anything in my games. He would just get bogged down by an opposing player and sit there engaged most of the game. So when it came down to it any other player would be doing at least as much work as Rage. Minx has the same free charge (but not berserk) as Rage, but a lot more speed. I could keep her out of the front line fight and actually get a charge with her, at least occasionally. Second, Minx has 2 influence to give away, because she can charge for free. One of the reasons I was playing Rage is he could give away his influence because of the charge. Giving away 2 influence is better than giving away 1. That seemed like a good enough reason to try her out in that spot.

Here is a breakdown of her damage potential:

Regular Attack
Charge Attack

Since we are directly comparing her to Rage, here is that breakdown:

Minx Damage
Rage Damage
Minx Charge
Rage Charge

We can see that on a normal attack she does .8 points of damage less than Rage per hit and on a charge it’s 1 less point of damage. This is compounded in the free charge, or even on a bought attack, because of Rage having berserk and getting a free attack. That means Minx does 1.8 less damage or a charge and 1.6 less damage per influence. That’s starting to become a pretty big difference. On Paper. Before I give up and think “Why would I do this, I should be playing Rage.” I remind myself that Rage was doing nothing (because my opponents are good players), and Minx doing nothing also will be the same output, plus I get the extra influence.

With all that in mind I made my team: Fillet, Princess (still no Truffles, yet), Brisket, Shank, Meathook, and Minx, and set out to play. From my experiences Minx did exactly what Rage did in my previous games: nothing but tie up an enemy model all game. She performed exactly how I thought she would. I did get the extra influence out of her, which is the main reason I switched, for my other players to do more.

Even going in with the expectations I did, and her living up to them exactly, I still feel like this team is quite clicking with me. I have a new idea for an Ox team I’m going to try out soon, and was all set on playing that next time I get to play (which might be a while since my normal opponents are pretty busy with real life right now), but I heard an idea the other day on Guild Ball Tonight that sounds pretty interesting and something I can’t believe I didn’t think of earlier. So I will more likely play that list (and way) next time I get a game in. I just need to paint up my new Decimate.

Season 3 Update

Here is what has changed with Minx that’s important to what I said in Season 2: She lost follow up. Something I never used. She gained Snared on damage and a change to Screeching Banshee. That means when she charges (for free) she will hopefully get a Screeching Banshee result. It’s not momentous, but gives -1 defense and does 2 damage. The two damage also snares the target, giving another -1 defense, and a move penalty. That is a free charge that just gave a model -2 defense. That’s good. Here is a table of how likely she is to get a Screeching Banshee off a charge:

Chance of SB from Charge

You will get it on players that have defense stats that add to 2 or 3, netting you one or two extra dice as well as setting defense to 2. It happens more than half the time against defensive stats that add to 4 and 1 in 4 times against defensive stats of 5. Even against the 4 and 5 defense models you’ll still be able to at least 1 damage and give them snared, helping out the entire team with -1 defense.

I want to note that the groups I usually use aren’t as close with an analysis like this than with the damage analysis. From the math, and increased Defense, over armor, seems to keep the Banshee off your back a little better. It is more likely to get it off on a 2/3 model than a 5/0 model.

No matter what, Minx is now giving a -1 def modifier to anyone she charges for free, and that’s good for any team she plays for. I’m going to try her out again soon to see what I think now.

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