Chapter 11: Clever Title for Season 3 Princess

With the Season 3 Princess card released, I figured I would talk about Princess a little bit.

First, to get it out of the way, I have expected values for damage from Princess:

Regular Attack
Charge Attack
Defense/ArmorRegular AttackCharge Attack

He is on the low side, especially for a Butcher, but that’s not why you take him. You take her because you have to take a mascot and for the bonuses she gives other players.

As I talk about my experiences with Princess I’m going to intersperse how I think the changes to mascots and to Princess in Season 3 will change this.

First I would like to talk about Loved Creature, because I never get the benefits. As it stands right now Princess has been killed in the minority of games I’ve played. In games my opponent has killed her it has been at the end of turn, netting me nothing but the momentum from loved creature. I can’t decide if the new changes to mascots and loved creature will mean Princess is taken out more or less often. On the one hand, mascots are easier to take out and loved creature isn’t as much of a boon for the player who has it. On the other hand, mascots are now worth only 1 point and even just attacking and doing any damage to the mascot means the other players on that team get better. For some guilds, like Fishermen, the extra TAC isn’t dangerous, they just get a better dodge or more likely to tackle. For Butcher’s the extra TAC can add extra damage and that can add up quickly. If the opponent tries to take Princess out I’ll get the benefits of the new loved creature even if they fail to take her out. And I really want my opponent to hurt her without taking her out. And if they do take her out I get her back next turn anyway. So it’s not as big of a deal.

The uses I’ve gotten out of Princess mostly have to do with Boiler. Brisket is usually off somewhere else, so I don’t get that bonus for her very often. But with Boiler the assist bonus is huge. The extra TAC and damage really up Boiler’s output to 11, especially with Ox on the field. I’ve talked about Boiler a lot, so see previous articles.

I am now playing a new lineup. I have always tried to score at least one goal and a second if I could get an easy one, but my new lineup is a bunch of players that can all handle the ball well. I played a game against Obulus piloted by one of the other local players the other day. He’s a very good miniatures player in general and has been beating me pretty consistently lately. I played my new lineup and lost (12-10, a Shut Out on his first activation on the last turn sealed the game for him, he would have lost if he had missed), but Princess was a super star (I didn’t even play Boiler). I kept Princess back by the goal to get in the way the whole game and one turn my opponent moved Mist up to the goal and made it in. I then made a goal and he returned the ball to Mist with Obulus, setting up for an early turn goal the next turn. The next turn I made a little momentum and he lead with Mist. Mist attacked the dog, I declared a counter attack. Mist didn’t get enough hits to dodge (so he would get the momentum he needed and free himself from Princess) and Princess counters and tackles. Mist had one more influence on him so he stole the ball back and couldn’t make a goal. The whole reason Princess is in this lineup instead of Truffles is because she has a momentous tackle on one hit.

Overall, Princess is a good support piece that always does something good for the team. I am looking forward to never losing access to her starting in Season 3.

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