Chapter 12: A whole new world

Time for a gut reaction to Season 3: I think it’s good. When I look at the players, they look interesting. I can see how they can be used in interesting ways to help win the game. This is especially true of players I don’t think I would have taken anyway. Everyone is talking about Harry the Hat and Meathook, but I want to talk about Hoist right now. I played a game against Engineers last night (and lost). Hoist was a pretty good player for what he did before, he was just boring. Mostly what I saw Hoist do previously was move up the field and stand around not dying while waiting for the ball to come his way so he could score. Most turns he didn’t seem to do much (depended on what he true replicated). This was fine, he didn’t give up vps and would score some eventually, but not too exciting. In my game last night he was given influence each turn and did a lot more than I’ve seen him do. He always had the right character play for each situation. This is extremely useful and a lot less boring than what he used to do. He could still fulfill the role he used to do, which was mostly stand around not dying, but he can do so much more. I feel like a lot of players have changed like Hoist, that even though they haven’t changed much, they are more relevant to the game.

Butchers. I think this season is a net positive for the guild. Sure, some didn’t change in a strictly. positive direction. Fillet probably needed the changes that were made, I’m not thrilled about the Shank change, but I do understand why he got the change he did (I think it might have been a mistake talking about Shank being an auto-include, but I don’t think we could have pulled that one over on Steamforged). Gutter’s change actually puts her out of my new lineup because she doesn’t do the one thing I wanted her to do in that lineup any more (pull people into my mob). But! Look at all the good. I already thought Meathook was underrated and needed played more, and now she’s just better (although in a different role that I played her before). Boar is more interesting now. I played him in the game last night, and he still might not make my competitive list, but he was better than he has been in the past. Ox didn’t *really* change. Boiler or Princess either. Brisket lost the extra TAC from Princess, but that’s not something I used anyway. Overall, Butchers are in a good place. No more auto-includes (even if some people are now saying Meathook is, *cough* Jason *cough*).

So, going forward I’m going to make adjustments for players based on the new rules. For the most part that will mean addendum to the articles I already wrote. For some, like Meathook, I’ll probably write new articles.

I am excited for Vet Ox and to see what he does.

(But not as excited as I am for Ratcatchers. That better end up being a thing.)

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