Match Report 1: Engineers vs Masons

For this game I wanted to try out the remainder of my (functionally) new players.  Mother and Vet Velocity haven’t arrived just yet so they were out.  While grabbing minis I completely forgot that normal Velocity existed or she would have been in there somewhere.  Pin Vice was a given for the captain.  Rather than build the heavy footballing team she usually runs, I decided to try something a bit more brawl focused.  Hoist and Ratchet were meant to play a different roll this time.  Rather than raining Blasted Earth, Hoist planned to tool up Ratchet or Pin Vice and then use his natural hardiness to safely add crowd out dice.  The perfect world idea would play out as follows:  Hoist puts tooled up on Pin Vice, Pin Vice uses Mechanical Heart then deletions Ratchet and herself before going in for four attacks, Ratchet puts Tooled Up and Overclocked on himself and charges for four attacks total.  On average dice against a 4/1 opponent this should come out to a little over 30 damage between them followed by whatever Rage manages.  In practice it didn’t quite work out that cleanly but it was a fun experiment.

My List:
Pin Vice

My opponent was playing the Masons from the new Kick Off box.  Despite several players in the area owning Masons I don’t have that much experience against them.  Beyond Flint being a goal master and Mallet hitting like a truck I was largely in the dark.  As a quick side note, these models are great.  If the detail is less than the metal casting its minimal.  I look forward to seeing what they produce in the future.

Opponent’s List:

Turn 1:

Engineers won the roll and elected to receive.  Masons deployed across the middle with Brick and Marbles guarding the fast terrain side.  Flint had the ball and I feared that could mean a turn one goal if I wasn’t careful.  Mainspring went far left with hopes of retrieving the initial kick.  Pin Vice and Hoist went right in hopes of settings up a turn 2 legendary goal.

I got extremely lucky and the kick off scattered close enough for Mainspring to snap to.  The turn was mostly positioning from here.  Some rough ground went out from Ratchet and Hoist in an attempt to slow the Masons more than damage them.  Mainspring passed Pin Vice who kicked back and forth with Rage for momentum.  Masons shift to counter my movement in preparation for next turn.


Turn 2:

This was it, I had won the roll and was ready to live the dream.  In hindsight I have no idea why I thought Rage going first was a good idea.  Rage charged Honour and failed to kill her.  Honour then proceeded to tackle the ball from Pin Vice and pass it to Harmony.  My opponent slips between Ratchet and Mainspring to engage Compound to prevent any charges.  Harmony kicks and the score goes to 0-4.  I am able to scatter the ball safely into my back field.  Ratchet moves up to slow down Mallet and Brick.  Flint charges in and is able to put some damage on Mainspring but he survives.  Pin Vice takes out Honour and decides to leave the ball for now.  Mallet, Brick, and Marbles take a more aggressive stance and move forward.


Turn 3: 0 – 4

I’m safely ahead in momentum and everyone is near full health.  Engineers win the roll for first and Rage charges into Flint who luckily goes down.  Mallet retaliates into Rage who survives with only two boxes remaining.  Compound and Brick both reposition to protect their respective teams.  Ratchet Tools Up himself and walks to engage Harmony before dropping Overclock on Hoist.  His dice are good to him and it goes 6-4.  Marbles slides around to aid Brick.  Pin Vice throws Alternator on herself and charges in to Brick.  Through a combination of dodges, she is able to get within kick range of the goal and pops her legendary.  Honour positions herself down field to receive the ball in the event of a goal.  Mainspring walks to within 8” of Pin Vice and turns on Launch Control.  Hoist uses his free run to grab the ball and pass to Mainspring who passes to Pin Vice for a snap shot and goal.  In an effort to stop the return goal, Pin Vice uses the momentum to dodge toward Honour.


Turn 4: 10 – 4

My luck continues and Engineers win initiative.  Pin Vice isn’t in a position to both grab the ball and generate momentum and her health is running low so I figured her for dead.  With Flint and Harmony back on the field I didn’t think the ball would be there to make a second activation attempt.  In a vain attempt to stop the impending goal Compound repositioned himself slightly and activated Horrific Odour.  Harmony grabbed the ball and back passed to Honour for a teamwork dodge down field.  Pin Vice was able to tackle the ball away but didn’t have the influence to do much with it.  Honour rolled well enough on her first attack to guarantee a takeout on Pin Vice if she followed up bringing the score to 10-6.  She was left with not quite enough influence to finish out the goal but the ball was safely in my opponent’s possession.  An uneventful skirmish broke out in the middle of the field between Rage and Brick while everyone else largely shuffled around.


Turn 5: 10 – 6

Masons won the roll to go first.  I loaded up Ratchet and Pin Vice who walked on to try and block the goal.  Honour went first and passed to Harmony.  Harmony was able to bounce off Ratchet for plenty of momentum and score (10-10).  I scattered the ball as close to Pin Vice as possible.  Pin Vice and Ratchet both had a shot of getting to Harmony for a takeout but it felt risky against the counter attack.  Pin Vice grabbed the ball and jogged toward Ratchet.  She made a successful pass before applying Mechanical Heart, Alternator, and Controller to him.  Ratchet used his one remaining momentum to Overclocked himself and charged Flint.  He was able to achieve enough momentous results to kick with bonus time for the final goal.


Post-Game Thoughts:

It was extremely close and I fully believe Rage would have gone down on my opponents next activation.  Only one or two rules errors came up and I feel confident they wouldn’t have had a major impact on the game.  My biggest misplay was probably going for the turn 3 goal.  I was at 6 and knew he had his best strikers coming back on to pick it up.  I could have safely left the ball in my back field until I had the fourth takeout.  I definitely need more practice against Masons and hope to get some in.  The plan for the next one of these is to get pictures of the big moments instead of just allocation.

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