Chapter 15: Boiler is the man (well, boy)

This is the article I should have written a long time ago, but kept putting it off since I wrote the one article mostly about Boiler before. And then I talked about him again in the Mat Hart letter. I actually talk about him a lot. I compare the damage output to Boiler for every model. So, here we go, Boiler’s damage output:

Regular Attack
Charge Attack
Assist Attack
Assist Charge
Weighted Average:1.833.113.104.94

He hits pretty hard, as long as Princess is there. Without Princess he doesn’t hit particularly hard. And as long as he’s getting out of the first column he racks up the momentum. Outside of attacking (which is what you want to do with him) he has decent defensive stats and kicking stats, for the Butchers. With Ox he’s one of my main damage dealers. With Fillet it seems like I use his character plays more often than I attack with him. Marked Target can let my flankers come in on someone they don’t normally reach and swift stance if obviously good. He usually only ends up with 1 influence on the Fillet team to either make an attack or mark target in most turns. Ox gives him 4 every turn so he can do work.

He’s a player that you will want to walk into combat instead of charging if possible, and every single buff he gets is great, TAC or Damage or Defense. Any little bit he gets really pushes him over the edge.

Boiler is one of my favorite players in the game. He didn’t start that way, but after using him it was clear that he does a lot.

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