Chapter 17: I have 10 girlfriends! (Math joke)

Today, I’m going to talk about Decimate. This will (basically) complete the series on Butchers. I have not talked about Avarisse and Greede, but will do that when I’m ready to. From now on I will be writing about what I feel like in the moment. But first! Decimate!

As I do with models that work for Butchers, I looked at the expected damage value of the model. Here is the table:

Regular Attack
Charge Attack

In general, it is safe to say she does 2 damage a hit. Lower defense/arm combos yield more more often while higher def/arm combos yield 1 more often. It helps that she does have anatomical precision to help with opponents with armor. The problem with this is she is usually better at catching and taking out the more elusive players from my experience and those are less likely to have an armor for her to ignore.

I played Decimate mostly in the “Sausage Handling” build of the Butchers I first heard about on Guild Ball Tonight. They made a pretty good pitch for a ball handling Butchers team and I liked the idea. My usual lineup was: Fillet, Princess (I didn’t have Truffles or it probably would have been her), Brisket (It could have easily been Vet Brisket), Shank, Decimate, and Meathook. It’s worth noting that all of this was Season 2. Decimate did pretty well in this team because she’s ok at getting the ball and pretty good at moving it and kicking. She was not the star of the team (even Meathook outperformed her in the kicking department), but she was a solid choice for a kicking Butchers. On damage I find her underwhelming for a Butcher. There are definitely better options for that and she doesn’t make the team. For kicking there is still some argument for her, but I still don’t think she makes it with the one Union player restriction. Avarisse and Greede or Harry would be a better choice in that team than Decimate now.

Overall she’s a decent player who used to make Butchers teams pretty regularly, but not so much in season 3.

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