Chapter 19: What does Dirge do?

Nothing. End of article.

That’s not strictly true, but mostly. He’s pretty good at crowding out and ganging up. Mostly because he’s good at getting where ever he needs to be. That’s not that bad, especially considering he can usually do that without spending any influence. Let’s see what he can do with some influence. That speed also makes him good at moving the ball around, but only to un-snap it. He’s got 1 die to kick, so he’s not passing that ball around very reliably.

First, if we give him an influence to attack with he can do one damage, maybe. It’s pretty unlikely if the target has an armor and impossible if they have 2 or more. (Wrecker makes a surprise amount of things impossible in this game.) It doesn’t even give momentum. Not a good use of resources. Picking the momentous singled out would be better. Here is how likely it would be to get that result (same chance of getting 1 damage):

Regular Attack Chance
2 Attacks

I also included the chance of getting a singled out by making two attacks on the same person. Makes it more likely to get the result, but if all you want is a singled out then attack twice is something you only want to do if you can’t charge the target:

Charge Chance
Charge Wrap Chance

It’s really likely to get a singled out on a charge with Dirge. The lowest chance is a 90% against defenses that add to 5. It’s so likely that I went ahead and figured out how likely it was to get by wrapping on the charge. Against the 2s and 3s it’s probably going to happen, against the 4s it will happen 2/3 of the time. That’s pretty likely, still.

I’ve heard it mentioned that he can do a decent amount of damage on the charge. Mostly this was in comparison to Vileswarm. I haven’t done the math of Vileswarm yet, but here’s the damage output for Dirge on the charge:

Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.51

I have added something to my damage tables: a weighted average. This is the average damage the model would do across all targets in the game. So if you attacked all models 10,000 times each with Dirge and then took the average of all those attacks, this would be that average. Basically, this amounts to a shorthand. Against any random model Dirge does approximately 1.5 damage on the charge (about half the time 1 damage and the other half 2 damage). Not very good overall.

So Dirge will sometimes put Singled Out on a model, sometimes he’ll move the ball around, otherwise he just stands around in the way. Anything else doesn’t feel very productive.

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