Chapter 20: You should Cosset your enemy

Fun Fact: Cosset means to care for and protect in an overindulgent way. This is pretty funny considering what she does to the opponents. Cosset puts enemies into the ground (heh, Morticians putting people in the ground). I have made a lot of expected damage tables for her given the various bonuses she could get: crazy, assist, and possibly singled out from the bird or Avarisse. Lets step through them.

A reminder: the Weighted Average would be is the average amount of damage she does if she attacked every model in the game the same number of times and made the average. It’s the value you would use if you just wanted to say something like “Cosset does x damage when she attacks.” The weighted average is the single best number to put there because that takes into account all models in the game and how likely often those defenses are to show up. I found myself focusing too much on the top of these charts because that was the highest expected damage, but that’s only against one model, and that model has tough hide, so it’s not even the actual damage on him. The largest group is actual the bottom one, the “5” defense models, which is the smallest expected damage. Just to point out: the single most common defensive stat is actually 4/1 with over half of the total models having that stat.

First: No bonuses. This is not a situation she will usually be in, which is good considering how little damage she does. If you have to charge in without any kind of a buff then you probably shouldn’t charge in. She usually does 1 damage on an attack and 3 on a charge:

Regular Attack
Charge Attack
Weighted Average:1.292.87

The most likely bonus she will get is Crazy since she doesn’t have to rely on any other models. She usually does 2 or 3 damage per attack (split about half and half between) and 4 damage in a charge. So going Crazy will add 1 (sometimes 2) damage to an attack.

Crazy Attack
vs. Normal Attack
Crazy Charge
vs. Normal Charge
Weighted Average:2.431.154.231.35

It is possible that she attacks someone engaged with the bird, but doesn’t have enough health left to go Crazy (she doesn’t have a lot of health, after all). She usually does 3 damage on an attack and 5 damage on a charge. That’s 2 more than a regular attack, and more than just going crazy.

Assist Attack
vs. Normal Attack
Assist Charge
vs. Normal Charge
Weighted Average:2.971.685.122.25

With very little set up you can make sure Dirge is in place and then go Crazy for a good turn. That will get you about 4 or 5 damage per attack and about 7 on a charge. Now we are getting into some real damage to models. That’s like 14 (sometimes more) damage on those 5/0 models with their low health. Here is the table:

Crazy Assist Attack
vs. Normal Attack
Crazy Assist Charge
vs. Normal Charge
Weighted Average:4.553.276.783.91

Now, the whole reason I wrote an article on Dirge first was to get to this part of the Cosset article. The perfect situation: Dirge put Singled Out on the target (probably from charging) and is still engaged to give Assist bonus, Cosset goes Crazy and charges in then buys two extra attacks and put the hurt out. Cosset does 5 or 6 damage on an attack (about half 5 and half 6) and 8 damage on the charge. That’s a lot of damage. At this point she is doing twice (almost) the damage my man Boiler does (without Ox’s help) against the highest defenses.

SO/Assist/Crazy Attack
vs. Normal Attack
SO/Assist/Crazy Charge
vs. Normal Charge
Weighted Average:5.684.407.905.02

Cosset’s primary duty is the deal damage, but, like Minx, she also has Screeching Banshee. There is no way to get Screeching Banshee off of a regular attack, so I looked at a Crazy attack, a charge, a Crazy Charge, and finally, a Singled Out Crazy charge. The percentage of getting Screeching Banshee in each situation is below.

Crazy Attack
Crazy Charge
SO Crazy Charge
Weighted Average:17.3%30.0%64.1%78.4%

Cosset has A LOT of potential damage, maybe the most in the game (I haven’t checked everyone, obviously, but that’s a lot of damage for a model in this game). On the flip side of that, she is fragile and easily goes down herself. You’ll want to use her against isolated targets so the opponent doesn’t just take her off the field after she attacks the model she attacks. You should also use one of the momentum she generates to heal her after going Crazy unless you absolutely need that momentum for something else. She should be making a couple a turn, at least.

One thing I would think she would be good at is reducing a model down far enough that Casket could finish them off and throw them in the box. Then Casket would be in a position to make getting to Cosset to attack her back is harder.

In conclusion, Cosset is the premiere damage dealer in Morticians (and maybe the game), but she’s too fragile to just go in in any situation. You want to hold her back to make sure she can attack without the other team just killing her back. That might mean that for the first couple turns she just gives up her influence to help fuel the rest of the team. When she goes in make sure you get the most out of her.

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