Chapter 21: Oh, Rats!

The subject of today’s article is Vileswarm. A big pile of rats. I’ve heard people say that Vileswarm isn’t so good. That the buffs that Dirge gives the Morticians outshines any possible work that Vileswarm can do. I like rats. I have for a long time now, and I don’t even know why. So I like Vileswarm immediately. I saw potential for damage from him immediately. I have finally gotten around to working on the math for him to back up my claims that he’s better than people give him credit for.

Since I think he’s got damage potential, I’m going to look at that first. Vileswarm does 1 damage more than half the time, and more often than Dirge. He also does two damage pretty reliably on a charge compared to Dirge doing 2 about half the time (and 1 damage the rest of the time).

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:0.682.05

That’s better out put than Dirge, but with Dirge’s bonuses to other players Vileswarms little bit of extra damage isn’t going to make up for it, so let’s see what else Vileswarm can do. The next logical step would be to see how Vileswarm does with the benefit of Packmaster from Veteran Graves. He receives +1 damage to playbook results with that which equates to 1 per hit and about 3.5 damage from a charge. The players with armor are keeping that attack damage average down since they are more likely not to take damage. 3 damage for a mascot for 1 influence (since he charges humans for 1) is pretty good. It’s only once a turn, but not bad for that. Here’s the full table:

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.333.41

I still don’t think that makes up for the extra damage Cosset puts out with Dirge around if you are playing her. It probably doesn’t even make up for Silence being worse at kicking if you take Vileswarm over Dirge. Then there is the fact that you would have to take Veteran Graves over Original Graves to get that buff. Original Graves is probably just better than Veteran Graves, but that is for another article.

The last thing Vileswarm brings to the team is Rabid Animal. It’s a pretty good debuff, giving -4/-4 speed and poison. The poison will probably be removed for too long since this isn’t the alchemists who can keep applying conditions to the point where it’s hard to keep them off and the -4/-4 speed is situational. Here is the chance of getting off Rabid Animal:

Charge Chance

As much as I want to love Vileswarm (and I do love the concept and the model), it just doesn’t seem worth the opportunity cost to lose Dirge. With 1 less defense and 2 more health, he doesn’t even live any longer than Dirge when he gets attacked. I’m going to play the model because it’s so cool, but he probably doesn’t make the tournament scene.

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