Chapter 22: Beer tokens are a real thing

I recently learned that besides being the name of the tokens Pintpot gets at the beginning of the game, Beer Tokens are a real slang term in parts of the UK. Cash money they have for the buying of beer or other alcoholic beverages is called “Beer Tokens.”

And that brings us to today’s topic: Pint Pot. He has been referred to as a brawler, or a bruiser, leading us to think that he’s probably good at doing damage. I’ve got those calculations down, so let’s look at his damage output. He’ll do 1 or 2 damage per swing (50/50 each) on a normal attack and usually do 3 damage (although more likely 2 to the higher defense models). (Reminder: Those are weighted averages taking into account of all models in the game.) This is probably the most reliable damage in the game since he never gets buffs from ganging up, or penalties from crowding out, so he should be able to put out the same amount of damage no matter the scrum. Here is the full table:

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.522.84

Now, just because Pint Pot doesn’t get some of the buffs doesn’t mean he doesn’t get any buffs. A big buff the Brewers get is Commanding Aura. That gives him +1 TAC and, more importantly, +1 damage. Any time I talk about Brewers I’m going to do the calculations with Commmanding Aura as well. (A not here: Getting +1 damage from Esters is just a tad lower than these numbers, but close enough that you can just use these numbers.) With Commanding Aura he’s now doing 2 to 3 damage a swing (usually 3) and charges at a nice 4+ damage, not that he’s going to charge too much. Here is the full table of damage values under Commanding Aura:

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:2.844.63

Pint Pot is build to get stuck in and do as much damage as possible, right in the middle of the enemy team. Because he doesn’t suffer from crowding out he doesn’t have to worry about engaging a lot of people (offensively) and he has an area damage play he can activate for 1 beer token. Because of this I don’t see him making charges too often as he’ll want to be placed in such a way as to benefit from his abilities, and it’s harder to charge into the middle of a bunch of models than it is to walk. He also usually does more damage from two attacks than from one charge. AND, on top of all that, because of the beer tokens he will probably end up giving away influence more often because he can still do a lot (or at least something) on 1 or no influence. He can’t charge with the beer tokens so the only way he could charge is to keep two influence on him.

Now, how does Pint Pot stack up as a bruiser? I’m going to compare him to everyone’s favorite (or maybe just mine) little scamp: Boiler. I am comparing him to Boiler because it’s a good comparison on damage. Without buffs they do about the same amount of damage, Pint Pot just averages a little less. Assist from Princess and Commanding Aura give the same bonuses, which leaves them still about the same amount of damage. So the comparison turns to Pint Pots favor when we look at the resources needed to do each and when they attack multiple opponents. Against multiple enemies Boiler starts losing dice so does less damage where Pint Pot doesn’t, causing Pint Pot to out damage Boiler. Second, they both bring 2 influence to the game, but Boiler wants that plus more to be effective and Pint Pot can’t take more and often can work with less because of the Beer Tokens. They are in the same damage class, but Pint Pot is less greedy and works better if the opponent is bunched up.

Pint Pot has actually gotten me excited about playing Brewers some, which is not something I thought I would be excited to do. When I get my copy of Kick Off I’ll pick up Pint Pot and give them a go. I’ll also do some articles coming up about Brewers. I’ll probably do the more combat focused players first to compare them to Pint Pot.

Edit: I forgot about one of the calculations I found.

Pint Pot has two other results on his playbook that are interesting: Knock Down and Concussion. Both are control plays and are both on his 4 column. Hopefully, Tapper or someone else is doing the knock down on the enemy players before Pint Pot goes in so he gets the buff for extra damage. Concussion is interesting, but not reliable. On player’s on the lower end of defenses it can happen every swing (the “2” and “3” defense models). Other than that it may show up once, it’s worth doing if it stops a player from doing something they want to do (like doing it even once to Obulus is a big deal). Here is the full table for specific probabilities:

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:23.82%73.31%


Let’s take a look at Pint Pot’s momentum generation. Against all but the “5” defense models, Pint Pot generates a momentum an attack, on average. Against the “5”‘s he produces .66 momentum per attack. So he should make 2 momentum out of 3 attacks, in general. I will use this as a baseline for comparing to other players as I analyze the Brewers going forward (since this is the first Brewer I’m doing). Here is the full table of expected momentum results:

Weighted Average:0.771.14

For his activation, it’s hard to pin down one number for damage and momentum because he is so variable. His expected damage for 2 influence is 3 if he attacks and 2.8 if he charges, and expected momentum for this is 1.5. For three beer tokens his expected damage is 5 and expected damage is 1.5, using one of those beer tokens for Smashing Face against most of the players in the game (not defense “2” or “3”). This is a total of 8 damage and 3 momentum for his activation. These are averages over time, do not expect the same results for every activation.

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