The Quench: Game 2 brings some validation

Tonight I got to play against my pundit and his Butchers. My Pundit is a great player and I traditionally have extreme difficulty in taking him down. Tonight he ran a line up that had some twists on what I normally see from him. He brought Ox, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, VBrisket, and Tenderizer. We agreed that I could proxy and I took Ferrite as Captain, Iron, Furnace, Cast, Burnish, and Alloy. I envision this list as having “the pony” instead of Burnish, but we still don’t know the rules for that bad boy until tomorrow. I won the roll and elected to receive.


He setup in a close line skewed slightly to my left. I setup the following from left to right Ferrite, Iron (3-4 in gap for moving around terrain) Furnace, Cast, Burnish, and Alloy on the right wing. His kick scatters perfectly to me right in front of the fire friends pod.

Turn 1:

I use burnish to get the ball and put out a fire AOE. I fail my kick to cast (it seems a failed pass is just how I start receiving games). I collect the ball with Ferrite and string some passes together. I hid Ferrite behind the fire AOE, but Ox could still reach her. He hurt her pretty badly, but she made it. My last activation I move alloy up the pitch to set him up to score early in turn two.

Turn 2:

I activate Ferrite and aggressively debuff Ox, I also use some dodges to place myself in such a position that If he wanted to take out Ferrite he would have to be in both Iron and Furnaces Melee zones. He does not commit to going into that deathtrap, but I still kill Ox. Then Alloy slams one home late in the turn. 6-0 Smithy’s

Turn 3: Revenge of the meatcutters

This turn I don’t remember super well. I had something real nice setup for Iron and whiffed and tilted. honestly one of the worst tilts I’ve gone on in a long time. I’m really not sure where it came from and it took me a while to snap out of it. My opponent used this disorientation to capitalize on the order of activation errors I made subsequently. Ferrite and Alloy both go down this turn. 6-4 Smiths.

Turn 4:

Again I was still trying to recover from my tilt here. I brought ferrite on on the right wing, and alloy comes back on the left wing. He takes down furnace and Cast this turn. I take the dog and meathook. 9-8 Smiths

Turn 5

Ferrite is in a position such that she can get to brisket, acrobatics back in after unpredictable movement. Attack and disarm for momentum, momentously tackle the ball, shoot with a bonus time. She puts the ball on the post. 12-8 Smiths.


My hypothesis about Alloy not needing hearth is completely correct. Yes she offers him a great deal of utility, but his native threat and inherent ability to get away from other models is fantastic on his own.

Cast loves Furnace. The fire plus -1 Arm makes her a monster. Burnish was great and she made use of him, but she likes Furnace better.

Having the 13th influence all game made my influence choices so easy

Sorry for the Rambling tone folks, its late in the Appalachians.


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