The Starting 6 or the Right Tools for the Right Job

Hello All! glad to have you back and it’s good to be back. I’ve spent the last couple weeks playing some Union that a friend of mine painted ever so beautifully (pics will end up in the hobby section later). Yesterday I came back to blacksmiths and against anything that isn’t skewed too far one way or the other I drop THE base six models for blacksmiths.

If you’ve read the blog before you’ve seen me post this lineup. Yet again the good old Chicago boys vindicate my views as Alex Botts used the base six on the latest episode of Vincent Curkov’s Run the Length.

The Base six, plus the reasonings for their inclusion, is as follows:

Captain Ferrite:

People have gone on at length about why Ferrite is the primo captain, so I won’t belabor the point. Most utility out of the extra clause in the legendary and the extra +0/2 INF. Period.


Why would you not bring the fastest model on the team that also has the Blacksmith trademark 7 Momentous on the top of his book. Iron is a force of nature that can make it to the goal pretty much at will regardless of the cage your opponents build. Let’s not forget that he can also mix it up with momentous 2 on two.


This master and her apprentice are the only models in blacksmiths that grace every list I have every made. The ability to provide gang ups and harass strikers both normally and on her legendary turn is super clutch thanks to her momentous KD on one. She’s also a model that doesn’t always want influence which is helpful in a team that begins the game a little below the influence curve. With instruction helping Cast and Iron get to the top of their playbook and Use This! give out 2″ melee on a stick, and the buffs she gives Alloy simply by existing, she’s worth taking anytime you take Alloy.


The First Rule of Blacksmith’s is: Always take Alloy. Alloy is hands down the strongest model on our team based on his card. Without Hearth he sports a non-linear 12 inch charge threat, and a 19″ goal threat. Having dirty knives to reduce an opponents DEF and trigger Alloy’s back to the shadows is also very clutch. With Hearth he just goes nuts, gaining 2″ melee for free, or gaining it via Use This! and then taking anatomical precision. He’s a steal and score machine.

Hot Tech: Alloy should always be your kicker. Your opponent only has one activation do deal with getting the ball away from him. If they possess the ball and it stays within range, he steals it and scores. If they don’t possess the ball, you take it back to your line and farm momentum. It’s a win-win for you.


Tooled up is always a welcome addition to a team. Having 2″ melee and Tackle on one makes him a great harassing model for enemy strikers. The ease of getting the searing strike debuff on a model with his momentous 1 on one is also fantastic. That and Sentinel aura has come in extra handy for setting up the apprentice you really want to be running with him…


Furnace, Hearth and Cast for the portion of your list that will get you the two take-outs you need if you have to get them. Cast’s strength as a beater is obvious from the typical signal of having momentous 2 on two. Add in Burning passion and tooled up and she’s looking at doing 3-4 damage momentously on 2 with only one Furnace setting her up, not to mention that model will be down one ARM as well from searing strike. She is also a great model to have in the middle of the pitch for a surprise goal run. Only a native 14″ threat, but with >< prevalent in her playbook and swift strikes she can add some distance if need be. She is also super reliable having four base dice.

Hot Tech: Cast tends to be my 6 point activation model. She will kill a model momentously, take her swift strike dodge into range (preferably tap in range like my last game) and then score. 6 point activations don’t happen for her often, but when they do they can be utterly back breaking.

I hope you all enjoyed my two cents on what you should be dropping with Blacksmiths and why. In my next blog I’ll fill out my tournament 9 (that’s right, 9) and tell you in what situations I use them.

Thanks for reading and leave me some feedback on Facebook or the Forums!


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