Spring Fling Wrap Up

Hello All!

Things have been super busy and super weird for me for the past few months, and I apologize for the lack of content. Several cool things have happened for me in the world of guild ball lately. I was mentioned by name on Guild Ball Tonight (and Bill has apologized for saying I’m from the Carolinas). Also, I went to Spring Fling representing the Mountaineers Guild. Spring Fling was a great event and I had a blast. My goal was to go 3-3 with Blacksmiths and to use some super secret tech to try and pull some wins.

The core of every list I play is Ferrite (Cap), Iron Hearth and Alloy. I didn’t change that for the fling as I feel Ferrite gets the best utility out of the two extra influence and I can’t see leaving the other three models in the bag.

Round 1: Vs. Blacksmiths W 12-4

I think I understood the guild better than my opponent. I played core plus Farris and Cinder. There’s the super secret ball scoring tech. this list has every piece of anti ball killing, quick scoring tech the smith’s have available. In the mirror you don’t want to try and outfight, but instead to play a disengagement game and score. Scoring three goals went fairly quickly as my opponent had a really difficult time trying to tie my models down with his Captain Burnish led squad.

Round 2: Vs. Ratcatchers L 12-6

Driving five and a half hours to play against arabicjesus was certainly not what I wanted to do at Spring Fling. As such I made a major mistake in the draft trying to be crafty and show my most consistent opponent something new. My flex picks were Farris and Cast. As a result I fielded a team that wasn’t amazing in either portion of the game. That combined with the best ball killing he has ever done led to my loss.

Round 3: Vs. Engineers W 12-0

In this round I played Mike from Jersey. Unfortunately for him it was the first he had seen of blacksmiths. He took Ballista gun line and I put in three goals in 10 activations. He was expecting me to slog across the board and try to fight him.

Round 4: Vs. Hunters L 12-4

Went the way I knew it would. Couldn’t overcome the control element to win.

Round 5: Vs. Morts L 12-2

Don’t get to play against morts much. Got greedy with Alloy’s activation one goal. Should have waited an activation and put instruction on him. It didn’t lose me the game, but the game spiraled out of control for me at that point.

Round 6: Vs. Fish L 12-6

Missed my 75% with Iron at the end of turn 1. Changed the nature of the game, but didn’t lose it for me. I think I had a shot at winning this one if this doesn’t happen.

Take Aways:

1. I need to play more. My comfort level is not where it needs to be. I still have to rely on preconceived game plans as opposed to analyzing the situation and making the best decisions.

2. Much of this play needs to be on Vassal as the local meta does not represent what I’ll see at tournaments. I played two guilds that aren’t represented and my hunters and morts matchups were against players who see the guild very differently from our local players.

3. Sad I missed being 3-3. My goal is to be in a place to win 50% of the games I play, and I missed it this event.

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