Chapter 28: Another article about Captain Ox

Here we are again in the lead up to Season 4 of the game, and Captain Ox’s card has been spoiled at the WTC. Last time I wrote an (normal) article it was about the Captain Ox changes in the errata, more than a year ago. Since then I played some Ratcatchers (fun, but I’m not convinced they are even as good as Butchers, who haven’t been in a good place) and then found the Fillet/Decimate combo. I have managed to finally get my first tournament win during this time (and go to another shark tank of a tournament and do very well). I feel like Fillet and Decimate are needed to have a decent chance with Butchers in this end of Season 3 era, so I’m excited and nervous to see what Season 4 brings.

Which brings me to this, and future, articles. I’m going to put out articles pretty quickly as we learn information about the Butchers for Season 4. We have seen Ox, so this article is about him. If we get a preview of any other Butchers player before season 4 hits, then you can expect articles about those players pretty quickly after they release. The rest will come out, 1 a day, starting on the day that Season 4 drops (if all works out right). So let’s get started.

First thing is to let you know how Ox has changed. The biggest change is that the Owner aura has gone from 4″ to 6″. This is a lot of extra space the rest of the team will be getting +1 damage. It also matches his legendary aura now, so you don’t have to measure two different lengths during legendary turn. Ox trades in his Tough Skin play to gain a armor all the time. Since Ox would usually use Tough Skin on himself, this is a big buff. He now has the extra armor before he’s gone each turn, and has an extra influence he can use proactively instead of using it to survive. His last change is to the second column of his playbook. The tackle is no longer momentous, but the Guild Ball there has gained 1 damage. It was always kind of weird that he had a momentous tackle since he was the kill-y captain in the kill-y team, so I’m not surprised to lose the momentum. It’s not a result I pick very often, anyway. The other change is a lot bigger. Having that damage on the Guild Ball means that you don’t have to choose between damage and a debuff any more. You get to do both! This makes Ox and his team output more damage overall, but he’s giving -1 armor to models within 6″ of him while doing work himself. I took him for a test drive the other day and at the beginning of turn he finished off a model and put They ain’t tough on Farris of the blacksmiths. With legendary he was then able to one round Farris with the rest of his attacks. That would not have been possible with old Ox because Farris would have had that additional armor. (Remember, They ain’t tough doesn’t have to go on the model you attacked, it can go on anyone withing it’s 6″ range.) If this result was momentous, it would be too good. But as it stands, it’s a really good result that you’ll take despite it being non-momentous to help the team attack models better. Besides, butchers make enough momentum that taking this result a couple times shouldn’t hurt too much.

This is the part where I would go into the expected damage, expected momentum, and other math for the player, but none of that has really changed for Ox in this update. Yes, the -1 armor affects how much damage he does, but the way I structure the results means that you can look at a different row in the math I did before. For example, after hitting a 4/1 model with They ain’t tough, you can look at the 4/0 row to determine the expected damage, instead of the 4/1 row.

So that’s where I’m going to call it for this article about Captain Ox. Join me next time, and hopefully soon, to go over the changes for another butchers player.

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