I ’bout had it with these meat cutters…

Alright folks here is game six.

Another go round against my Pundit playing butchers. He brought Ox, Princess, Shank, Brisket, Boiler, and Tenderizer.

I brought Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot and Stave.

I did my typical deployment for this lineup from left to right. Friday, Hooper, Spigot, Stave, Tapper, Scum.

My opponent deployed from my left to right Brisket and Shank on my left flank across from Friday, with Boiler, Princess, and Ox located centrally in front of Tenderizer.

I played my first game actually getting to receive, but it didn’t do me any good.

He moved up with Brisket and kicked in such a way that an obstruction kept me from being able to move up, possess the ball, and move back a bit to survive the rush. As a result my opponent repossessed the ball and passed for momentum on his first activation.

The first turn wen t much like first turns do for me. I moved up my favorite trio and put them all in cover on the left flank. Keeping Friday and Spigot close with hooper lending each a hand in most combats. Stave moved right up the middle and lobbed a barrel at one victim, Tapper and Scum moved up together.

Turn two we continued jockeying for position and exchanged some mild to moderate damage.

Turn three saw the butchers take the upper hand with two brewers (Spigot and Hooper) being knocked out before I could begin knocking down and pounding face. 0-4

Turn four saw a Butcher goal and another knockout (Stave). 0-10

Turn five saw me return Hooper and Spigot, Put the ball in position for Friday to slide over and score in time for Boiler to kill Scum and clinch the game the activation before I score. 0-12


I made a few activation order snafus where i could potentially have gotten a knockdown to make my opponent have to garner momentum to move forward with his plans (which he has 0 problem doing against me [he ends most turns between 5-8 momentum while using 2-3 through the course of his turn])

I know Brewers can beat butchers, I’ve seen the tournament results, but I can’t figure out how. I’m still very new to the game and I’m playing my pundit who scored in the top half of the field in St. Louis and at Capital, but I feel like I end up doing nothing in these games. I set my models up in the locations they need to be in to use their synergies, set them up to start the momentum engine of pushing and knocking down, and then get murdered before I can execute. I’m beginning to think that you can’t make mistakes against butcher.

As always, knock one back for the good ole Moonshiner (he’s knocking a few back himself tonight). Cheers

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