Chapter 30: The Fillet “Nerf”

Today we are going to talk about the changes to Fillet. Overall, we can classify this as a nerf, since she is worse than what she was before. But a lot of her changes are effectively the same (or better). I’ll go over them now.

Let’s start with the straight up nerf: her tackle moved from column 1 to column 3, and on top of that, it is no longer momentous. (She also lost the non-momentous tackle damage in column 4.) Now, this makes it less likely for Fillet to score goals, but I still wasn’t making goals with Fillet that often. Fillet was often about to take out two players or make a goal (because people protect the ball well) and the taking out two players was often easier. She can still make a goal, if needed, but it’s just not guaranteed any more. I think this change is fine, since Butchers are supposed to fight, not score. A goal is still possible, but should not be easier than fighting. Boiler losing swift stance is also a nerf to Fillet since she can no longer go to 6 defense that made her unmanageable. Which is also fair since they Butchers were never meant to be hard to kill.

The rest of the changes are either improvements or the same level. Fillet loses dodges on bleed targets, but gains dodges on every damage result except column 1. I call this better because she no longer HAS to have bleed on her target to dodge around. She still has extra damage against bleeding targets, so it’s still good to have them bleeding, but dodging without is great. Speaking of wanting them to bleed, Fillet now has her momentous blood rain is now one column lower. Putting it any lower will be helpful, but it puts it from a column that I feel like I never got to (even on a charge), to one I got to sometimes (especially on a charge). I expect to be able to pick the momentous blood rain sometimes. The last change is that the pain circle AOE stays on the field on causes bleed to anyone entering or ending their activations in the AOE. This give more opportunity to spread bleed around, but you also have to be more careful about placement to avoid your own models walking into the AOE.

With these changes Fillet is going to work exactly how I’ve always used her. Maybe a little bit better for some things. Not having 6 defense when she goes in is going to hurt, but I like always having dodges (makes it easier to get to and kill models with unpredictable movement). I will continue to use her, and hope he rest of the Butchers players out there feel the same.

My last Fillet article was also very early on in this article series (it was right after she was released, after I won her model early for beating Rich Loxam and Matt Hart two rounds in a row at a tournament *big grin*). So I’m going to write a full analysis of Fillet here.

As always with Butchers (and most others I’ve written about), I’m going to talk about expected damage output. Here is Fillet’s.

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:2.033.26

She usually does 2 per attack on a model, and 3-4 on a charge. Pretty standard for a damage dealing guild. Fillet really shines when her target is bleeding. As one would expect, you can add one to her damage when the target is bleeding and be pretty much right where the math leads For example, if you attack a 4/1 with her you can expect to do 2.73 damage (this is the above result for that row plus 1), which means that you’ll be doing 2-3 damage, and most of the time it will be 3 (about 3 out of 4 attacks).

Speaking of her being better if she has a bleeding target, sometimes she will have to apply bleed herself, and she will likely do that with blood rain. I worked up how likely she is to hit that blood rain on column 4.

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:51.31%84.79%

If you are trying to trigger blood rain you really need to be attacking a defense 4 combined or lower. Or if their defenses add to 5 you’ll want to charge (and hope they can’t or don’t defensive stance). Pick your targets carefully when trying to get blood rain (and don’t choose Burnish, I learned that one the hard way, thanks Jared).

Higher up on the playbook, at column 6, is Fillet’s KD and momentous blood rain. This is a pretty sweet column to hit. Momentous blood rain is a wonderful result, and KD is still be best way to avoid counter attacks. Let’s look at how likely that result is.

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:11.13%54.08%

For the most part you are only going to get this result on a charge. It’s unlikely except against a 2/0 that you’ll get this far up your playbook. Even a charge against 5 combined defense isn’t very likely.

Important with any attack is getting momentum for doing the things your team wants to do. So let’s look at the momentum output for Fillet doing damage.

Weighted Average:0.901.08

Attack or charge, Fillet will almost always get you momentum. She doesn’t have a momentous result on 1, so against those higher defenses she’s certainly not guaranteed one, but she has enough TAC that she can usually get there. She’s reliable enough that getting one net hit on an attack feels really bad. (Having to choose non-momentous blood rain isn’t very fun either, but usually necessary.)

Lastly, we get to Fillet’s newly changed tackle.

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:74.17%93.83%

As you can see, Fillet still has a pretty good chance of making a tackle, even against 5 defense. It’s not pretty much guarenteed any more, but you have about 2/3 chance or better against any model in the game. And she still has the same kick stat, so after she takes the ball she should be able to score if you are close enough. Especially now that her target doesn’t have to be bleeding for her to make a dodge.

Looking at the changes to Fillet and Ox I think each has their place now. I can definitely see match ups I would want Ox over Fillet, and Fillet is still just fine, doing the same things I’ve always used her for.

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