Chapter 31: Pretty, Pretty Princess

(I was going to write one article for both mascots, but realized I never wrote a Truffles article, so now you get one for each.)

Princess didn’t change too much with Season 4. He lost the “blood” character play (which affects him in Fillet line ups, but I rarely used). His tackle moved up a column and became non-momentous, which is a trend with season 4 Butchers changes. And, finally, he gained vicious, which is +2 TAC and +1 damage on parting blows. So, Princess got better. The opponent is put in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Either you stay in Princess’s melee and get beat up by Boiler or you walk away and take a pretty nasty hit from Princess. Dodges can still get you out, but it’s no longer a good idea to just walk away and take a hit from Princess. Let’s look at the math.

Normally Princess doesn’t do much damage.

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.272.79

On a normal attack he does 1-2 damage. He also has a momentous damage result right off the bat, so he usually makes a momentum with each attack (unless you whiff). Now, let’s look at his parting blows, which are awesome. He gets a charge, but with +1 damage.

Parting Blow Damage
Weighted Average:4.05

Princess does 3 or more damage (often 4) against models that walk away from him. That’s pretty good damage output. In fact, it’s just a little less than the extra damage Boiler would do extra in an activation if they kept the model engaged by Princess (it’s between 2-3 influence worth of attacks from Boiler). Mathematically, this is a good level of damage. It means that the right move is often to walk away (which is what you would want to do before), but the level of damage is similar to what you would take if you stayed (what the Butcher’s player wants to happen). The opponent takes a bigger penalty for what they want to do, but it’s still the right choice. This also helps the opponent. It’s now not as big of a deal to leave a target of Boiler in melee with Princess if there is a more pressing activation since the damage taken by the model would be similar whether you walk away or not (given that Boiler can still get to that model after the move).

Part of what makes the damage so high, more so on the lower defenses, is that Princess is rolling twice as many dice as his playbook is long, and is likely to wrap. I wanted to know how likely he is to wrap on the parting blow. This is also how likely Princess is to wrap on a charge, since it’s the same number of dice.

Chance on Parting Blow or Charge
Weighted Average:28.13%

Against most players he isn’t going to wrap, since most players have a defense of 4 or greater. There’s a chance, just not a very good one. But against those low defense, high health models, the ones Boiler loves to pray one, Princess will wrap and do at least as much damage as Boiler would get extra from assist. And don’t forget the extra damage from Ox if Princess is in his aura at the time of the parting blow.

I like the change to Princess. Removing or changing seldom used things to give him a trait that makes the opponent think twice about walking away. I don’t really see Princess going away from my line ups, even if Boiler ends up not making the cut in Fillet.

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