Chapter 33: The better pig

This article is about Boar. In case the title wasn’t clear.

The changes to Boar are pretty big, but isolated to one are: the playbook. These are all improvements, except for the tackle. The tackle is no longer momentous. This is a trend with the new Butchers. KD is still there. Concussion is still there. If you liked the 4 damage and concussion result, not only is it still there, but it’s down a column. Pushes are untouched. But now instead of a momentous 4 he has a momentous 5, and his last column gains momentous 6. Let’s look at how the math pans out, and talk about how much change that is.

Here is his new expected damage:

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:2.654.59

The damage on an attack is much higher on the low end (up 1.5 damage against 2/0), but even the high end sees a small increase from lucky spikes up to 5 or 6 damage. Charging sees a decent change overall with at least a .5 damage increase and a weighted average of 1.5 increase. So play Boar into everything long enough and he’ll be doing about 1.5 damage more per charge. The point here is that these increased damage values add to his expected damage output, even if they are at the end of the playbook and that they have more effect the more dice he rolls. Boar is a model that has momentous damage on 1, a lot of dice, and momentous damage throughout his play book, so he’s very likely to make a momentum with each attack. The times he won’t make momentum is when you go for a concussion, which can be clutch, or a KD. I talked about his KD last time I wrote an article about him, to see that go here. In addition to that, know that even though you aren’t going to want to choose KD on a charge, Boar has at worst a 90% chance of getting it. The reason you don’t want to choose KD on the charge is that it will not trigger the berserk attack like damage. If you can wrap and choose KD and damage you can do that berserk attack. So let’s look at the chance to wrap.

Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:21.00%

The bad news this shows is that you aren’t likely to wrap on a charge. Boar is going to be at least partially neutralized by a 2″ melee good counter attack. Either they will get off their counter, or you’ll have to choose KD and get one less attack, and a lot less damage, to make sure they can’t counter.

That wraps up this article on Boar. His change affects his charge the most, but is an improvement over the old model. I’ll give this new Boar a go and see if it make enough of a difference to play him more. Probably with Ox.

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