Chapter 34: Original Gangster Brisket

The changes to Brisket are pretty great. She gains a TAC to go to 5. This comes with a different playbook that is 5 long. (The damage dodges are still last two columns, third column is just the GB.) Brisket also gains Above and Beyond (and Vet loses it). It makes more sense to me that this version of Brisket has the more goal scoring aspects since she was supposed to become more bloodthirsty with her vet version.

Let’s look at the damage output Brisket does, since this is Butchers.

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.522.22

Brisket’s momentous 2 on 2 means she can pretty reliably hit it, which is why her damage values on an attack are close to 2. Not having momentous damage on 1 messes with her potential damage output, since she can’t make any momentum unless they have the ball to tackle if she only gets 1 result.

Weighted Average:0.641.02

As you can see, against low defenses she’s pretty likely to make momentum, but against those 5 defense models she averages a 50/50 whether she makes momentum or not.

Now, Brisket isn’t one of the Butchers models that has high damage output, she’s capped at 2 plus whatever buffs, but she’s a pretty decent ball handler. And one of the things players look for in a striker is access to a good tackle. Well, Brisket has a momentous tackle on 1. Having 5 dice instead of 4 is a big help here. I went ahead and made a table of how likely Brisket was to get her tackle.

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:88.48%98.82%

It’s pretty likely. Even against 5 defense on a normal attack she only goes down to an 82% chance of getting the ball. Still 4 out of 5 attacks will get the result you want. What would be even better, though, is to get a tackle and dodge so she can get back out after she takes the ball. The only way to do this is to wrap, since she doesn’t have a tackle dodge result. Here’s the possibility of a wrap.

Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:21.33%

Trying to get a wrap is only a viable strategy if the target has a 3 defense or lower. After that you are getting lucky to wrap. And 3 defense models are not where most teams store the ball. Wrapping should not be your plan.

Worth mentioning about Brisket is that she also has a ranged character play that causes damage and debuffs defense (as well as putting poison out), that is really useful to the team. The damage can help get Shank into the fray, especially on turn 1, and the -1 defense helps absolutely everyone on the team.

She is also by far the best striker on the team (4/8″ kick is no joke) and the best place to store the ball (charmed male and unpredictable movement go a long way here). Really, with above and beyond it’s becoming a lot harder to pick veteran Brisket over OG Brisket.

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