Chapter 35: New Blood Brisket

Veteran Brisket is supposed to be the “fightier” Brisket, and that’s mostly true now. She retains the 1 influence charges while within 8 of a board edge. She trades Above and Beyond, a goal scoring rule, for Field Medic, a fighting rule. Field Medic allows you to clear conditions on a model within 4″ any time Brisket does damage to an opponent, encouraging her to deal damage more often.

Her playbook has changed quite a bit, too. She no longer has momentous tackle, but does have it non-momentously on 1, and momentous Ball’s Gone on 2 (which is better than a tackle). She also only has one combined result now, a non-momentous Ball’s Gone double dodge on 4, which is a pretty good result. Vet Brisket is less of a pure striker than oBrisket, but still able to do some ball handling and scoring. Let’s take a look at some of the math.

First, of course, is her damage output.

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.222.45

This Brisket actually has less expected damage on an attack than the original because her 2 damage isn’t until column 3 (compared to column 2 on original). She does have higher potential, though, since she actually gets to 3 damage. You see this mostly when she charges. Her expected damage on charges is more than original Brisket. AND! Brisket can still sometimes charge for 1 influence, making her charge cost the same as an attack, but more effective, obviously. VBrisket has momentous damage on 1, so she’s also very likely to get momentum each time she attacks. And don’t forget that each time she picks damage she gets to clear conditions on a model within 4″.

Even though vBrisket isn’t as good at scoring as the original, she’s still decent. a 3/8″ kick is pretty good, and Ball’s Gone is better than a tackle. It gets around close control (awesome!) and let’s you pass the ball for free, if you want. The pass is optional. Let’s look at her chance of getting that momentous Ball’s Gone.

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:63.52%93.83%

The Ball’s Gone on two is at worst a 50/50, and that’s against 5 defense on a normal attack. That’s actually not that bad of a chance, and it get’s better from there. On a charge, that might cost 1, the worst chance is 90%, so it should happen most of the time. She’s pretty good at stripping the ball off of models. And given the fact that most Butchers that had momentous tackles don’t any more, it’s nice to have a model that can get the ball if needed. Opens up the chance to score a goal and make the game a little easier to win.

You know what would be better than Ball’s Gone? A Ball’s Gone result with a double dodge. Hey, she has that! It’s not momentous, but is a very good result anyway. Here’s the chance.

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:9.53%63.13%

You are probably not going to get this result except on a charge. I’ve had games with both Briskets where I charge in the attempt to steal the ball, try to get dodges to get away, and make a goal. This result is great for that. As long as that 2″ dodge gets you in range of making a goal then there isn’t much that can stop this, especially if she gets out of the opponent’s melee range so they can’t counter.

I’ve been playing vet Brisket with Fillet in season 3 to try to make a first turn goal when receiving (less takeouts needed, and +2 influence for the rest of the game) and to make 2″ dodges for various models on my side. I’m not sure that she makes that line up any more. The dodge is nice, but not necessary, and original Brisket is better at getting that first turn goal and has the extra influence now. I think that she’s more likely to see play with Ox, if at all. Getting rid of conditions could be useful. The real problem with her at this point is just that I would rather put influence on almost any other model if I’m going to make attacks and without influence, she doesn’t do anything. At least original Brisket is better at holding the ball than vet Brisket.

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