Chapter 36: Meathook’s playing football in someone’s backyard

The ball is really squishy, made of foam, so the kids won’t get hurt. Meathook has a nerf, is what I’m saying.

Not that this comes as a surprise. She was considered an “auto-include” by most of the online community. And really, the changes that were made won’t keep her from getting played. Let’s go over them.

First, she lost smell blood (the +1 damage and +0/+2″ to charges against bleeding targets). With this change I think it’s more likely that Meathook doesn’t do follow up attacks on the same model. Her damage output isn’t very good without that extra +1 damage.

Another change is that her tackle has moved from 2 to 4 and became non-momentous. She also lost her other tackle that had 2 damage attached. Not a surprise since a bunch of other Butchers saw a similar treatment. This one hurt me a little since I’ve used her to steal the ball a lot more than I thought I would have.

Finally, hooked no longer applies a -1 defense that can never be cleared by the opponent, instead it applies snared (and the bleed was rolled in there as well). Being able to clear this certainly hurts the Butchers player, but it was the only way to lower defense that couldn’t be cleared, so not surprising that it changed. She still has the -4/-4 move as a heroic, so she can really lower speed a lot now.

There isn’t a lot of extra math to do with Meathook. My last article on her went over damage (just look at what she is base). Momentum is very likely with momentous damage on 1, even against high defense. She still has tooled up, causes bleed, and lowers defense (even if it may not last as long), so she’s still going to see play, especially with Fillet. I’m thinking she may not make every Ox lineup now, though. I will be experimenting to figure out what I’m going to play.

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