Chapter 37: The Gutter One

I never got around to writing a veteran Gutter article when she came out, so this will be a full on article with all the bells and whistles.

First, her changes. Gutter’s tackle goes from column 4 to column 2, which is a change in the opposite direction with other Butchers changes, but becomes non-momentous, a change similar to other Butchers. She picks up a double push on column 4. Grapple Hook changed to names to Route One. And, finally, Gutter trades in Resolute for Sweeping Charge.

The last is a pretty big change. It means that if you are going to use Gutter you are going to want her to charge, and it’s going to affect her charge damage a lot. So, let’s take a look at that damage output.

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Gutter does a momentous 1 to most models in the game. If they have 3 combined defense after anatomical it’s usually 2, but a lot of those models have tough hide. Her normal damage output isn’t that great. Her charge output is pretty good, though. She will usually do at least 5 damage to her target, and will do 3 damage to any other models in her melee range. Be careful since it doesn’t say enemy for that charge damage. Whatever the result, if it’s damage it’s going to be momentous.

Also, under Ox, or any other damage buff, you can add +1 damage to attacks and +2 damage to charges and be pretty close to what damage to expect from Gutter.

Her other playbook results are what you would expect. Don’t expect a KD, except on a charge. Same with double push, since it’s the same column. Route one has about a 50/50 chance to get off against the majority of models (the ones that have a 4 combined defense after anatomical). The single push is pretty likely, which helps some with counters. Route one is a decent way to get out of melee on a counter. Don’t do it if they only have 1 attack after, though, since they will get the equivalent of that attack, but at +2 TAC because it’s a parting blow.

Really, Gutter doesn’t do that much damage, except on a charge. Boiler, Shank, or anyone else with 2 damage on 2 will do more than her, even with anatomical precision. 2″ melee is nice to have for a lot of reasons, but I’m having a hard time wanting to fit her in to my lineups with the other options out there. It’s going to come down to how many 2″ melee models I need, because she’s almost last on the 2″ list.

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