Chapter 38 – The one where Ross gets Shanked

Let’s dive right into new (old) Shank. Shank can now hold 4 influence again (and still generates 2), but his tackle moved up one column and became non-momentous. He’s probably better than he was before. A little worse at tackling, but that extra influence is exactly what the Butchers players have been asking for.

I haven’t done a real article on Shank, so here we go. First, damage output.

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.922.90

If you’ve been playing Guild Ball long enough, the results here are not much of a surprise. Shank is likely to do 2 damage on an attack and 3 on a charge. He should get 1 momentum for each swing. Two damage a swing takes models out, though, and that’s before any buffs. In Ox’s aura, for example, Shank gets an extra expected damage on attacks and charges. Same for Tooled Up. Stacking buffs is a good thing. If Shank, or anyone else, attacks with tooled up, in Owner, against a model with Butchery, he gets +3 damage. Shank would likely take a model from 15 to 0 and still have an influence to Where did he go? away from the fight if he was fully loaded. Shank’s strength though, with his 2″ melee and dodges all around his playbook, is that he can put damage on several models, or get to models that are normally hard to get to (like Obulus). He’s a good finisher. I’ve played him a couple times at the time of this writing and in one game (with Fillet, so he didn’t really have buffs) he took Cosset out after she came back on the pitch and scored a goal in one activation. Cosset is one of the easiest models to take out, but it shows that with the right target Shank can take out those models that come back like he used to, speeding up the game.

Now, let’s talk about the change to his playbook. His tackle is now higher. Here’s the chance of getting that tackle.

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:49.01%87.40%

Against the models that normally hold the ball, Shank will only be able to get a tackle with a charge. This is actually a pretty big change since before he had a decent chance of getting it off any player. Look for opportunities when the ball ends up on a lower defense model for Shank to get in there and take the ball. He’s one of the best models to take advantage of small breaks in the enemy defense on the team, for goal scoring or for trying to take out weak/squishy models.

The last thing I want to talk about in this article is Shank’s ability to make it easier for other models to get take outs. That ability is Thousand Cuts. Here’s the chance of getting it on a charge (and attack is very unlikely, but if you get it you should consider taking it if you are going to make any more attacks into that model).

Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:52.92%

The best use for this is to trigger it on someone with lower defense (it’s likely on 3 or 4 defense models) and put it on another, higher defensive model within 6″. Charging into a 2/1 to put thousand cuts on a 5/0 makes it really easy to kill that 5/0 with someone, possibly including Shank himself. I have found myself in the past no choosing this result because of it’s low damage, but I need to remember that I can target someone else, and that -2 defense is a pretty big deal that will lead to a lot more damage if I have other attacks I can get to the target.

Now that Shank can hold 4 influence again I’ll be putting him back on the table. I like the updated playstyle for Butchers, fast and dangerous, and Shank embodies that pretty well.

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