Chapter 40: And Finally… Ox

It’s pretty fitting that I bookend this series of articles with Ox. Ox was the first character for Season 4 that I wrote about (because he was the first Butchers model spoiled). And now I end my articles for season 4 Butchers (until Cooks come out) with veteran Ox.

First thing about VOx is that he lost his Get stuck in character play to just gain the new and improved Rowdy. So now he can gain gang ups, but no crowding out penalty. That gets rid of the guild ball on his playbook. Other changes to his playbook are that 1 damage on column 1 is now momentous, and his tackle is not momentous now (no surprise there). Already those are big improvements. Let’s talk about what he lost. He no longer heals himself and no longer has a discount on charging (the Cooks might have something to do with the last one). Instead of healing at the end of activation, and doing damage to those that attack him, Steamforged has kind of combined those two. VOx now does 3 (3!) damage to every model in his melee range at the end of his activation. He doesn’t even have to make attacks to use this, it just happens. His Owner aura has also gone up to 6″ to match the Captain version, but he still has to make a take out.

I don’t have a lot to say about him other than he’s better at what I think he was supposed to do before. His damage is the same as last time I wrote about him (here), but now he will make momentum each time he chooses damage (got to love momentous damage on 1). That extra 3 damage at the end of his activation is really good. I can see that finishing off a model or two and activating the Owner aura to benefit the rest of the team. Fillet loves the Owner aura. It’s time to try him out again, and see if he will make the team. And if not now, Cooks are on the horizon and it will be time to reevaluate each model again.

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