Chapter 45: Time to Roast

With the release of the Cooks we get a couple more models to add to the Butchers, as well as a new Butchers-like team to play with. I’m a big fan of the Butchers, obviously, and I’m very excited to get these new models on the table.

First up is Roast, one of the players that also plays with Butchers. Roast brings a lot to a Butchers lineup. He is another source of momentous damage (not surprisingly), but the great thing about his momentous damage is that each result comes with a push to help reposition models. Let’s look at his damage output.

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:2.324.17

Even against high defense models Roast does a consistent two damage with an attack. Intimidation makes his playbook really good. It’s even better on a charge, of course. Anything that gives more dice is very helpful to anyone that has Intimidate. Speaking of extra dice: Wellington has Singled Out! For the Cooks and Boar has it for Butchers. I will make sure I include data for singled out (or if they get a couple crowd outs, which still applies to Butchers).

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:3.245.11

For Roast adding 2 tac will increase his damage by 1 on average. Keep this little tidbit in mind when you are trying to figure out damage during the game.

One of the big draws of Roast is his ability to let models charge for one less. This is going to be pretty big in both Butchers and Cooks. You should definitely look to put it on someone nearby so he can make use of it as well as others. Several of the models love this discount: Fillet, Shank, and Spice all do.

In addition to that, Roast’s knockdown is pretty appealing. There aren’t a lot of of KDs in Cooks and Roast’s is one of the best. And even looking at Butchers he remains one of the best KDs. (Tenderiser is close in competition, but Intimidate once again makes the difference.) It’s very likely to get the KD on anyone in the game. The Charge column is his chance to wrap into the KD when he charges since his normal KD is pretty much always going to happen on a charge.

Chance on Attack
Chance to Wrap to KD on Charge
Weighted Average:93.87%24.84%

On top of all that is the cherry on top: Resilience and Big Belly. This makes him a very good fist activation (not only because of Get It While It’s Hot). Counter attacks won’t do anything to him. He is also hard to attack into without having combined damage and dodge or push results (if the goal is to do damage). However, anyone that can get around his big belly will be able to take him out fairly quickly because of his low defense.

Overall, I am looking forward to Roast in Butchers, and Cooks in general. I think he will be good with Ox and Fillet (if I can figure out who to drop, I really like my lists). And I cannot even think about dropping him from Cooks, he’s a cornerstone.

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