Chapter 41: Celebrate This?

I don’t think this update to Tenderiser is really a celebration…

I finally (FINALLY!) figured out how to use Tenderiser as a control piece and they change him. I was, foolishly, playing Tenderiser into scoring teams instead of fighting teams. I saw the light and was using him well. Tenderiser mattered and was doing a lot in my games. He will not be used in the same way now.

A rundown of the changes: His KD has moved down one column. That column had two results already, a tackle and a double push, so they were combined into one result. He lost rush keeper completely and it’s replaced by Celebrate THIS!, which automatically does 4 damage to anyone that scores a goal while Tenderiser is within 6″ of the goal. His other trait (the one that raises the TN of making goals by 1) was extended to 6″ and renamed.

Tenderiser is vary firmly in the “Play against scoring teams” category when he gets played now. I’ll have to try him out against teams like Fish, Navigators, and Miners before I make a final decision on him for my teams.

I can see, at least, how Celebrate THIS! could come into play during a game. I find that it’s not uncommon for my Butchers to get an enemy striker down to low health without being able to quite finish them off because they usually have high defense. So this could put a striker in danger of dying when they score a goal. Now, that damage comes after they score a goal, so they are trading their striker for 4 points in that case, a trade they are probably willing to make. It does mean you take out their striker without any extra influence expended, though.

For the math portion of this article all I really only have the change to the KD to talk about. Everything else would be the same math as the last time I wrote about Tendersiser (here).

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:76.39%96.01%

Against the 2 and 3 defense models the likelihood of getting a KD didn’t change too much, but against the 4 defense it became about 22% more likely and against 5 defense models it became about 33% more likely. Those are pretty good improvements.

Like I said, I am going to give him a go into goal scoring teams with the changes and see how I like him now. And I will morn the Tenderiser of the past and all the great things he did (mostly give my opponents headaches).

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