Chapter 46: The Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon is the other crossover model with the Butchers. She brings several things to the Butchers that are good: 2″ melee, high movement speed, buyable dodge, momentous damage (kind of a given, but still something I want to see), and pretty good kick and tackle. A combination of those things makes her look like a pretty good striker option for Butchers. So I expect to make comparisons to Brisket and probably also Shank as I examine her. I also need to examine her in Cooks, of course.

We will first look at her damage output. Intimidation and Anatomical Precision are both really good rules, but her TAC of 4 is not so good. Her playbook also looks like it would good (except for the face that she, once again, has TAC 4). Here’s the damage:

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.513.37

Cinnamon actually does more damage on an attack than either Brisket, but less than Shank (talking averages here). On charges she does even more damage than Shank. I’m a little surprised by the charge results, but with the rules she has on the back of her card additional dice make a big difference.

With two of her captains having Singled Out, we really need to look at her damage under that character play.

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:2.494.26

Singled out ALMOST adds one damage to her attacks on average. Close enough that you can pretty safely call it that for game purposes, except against 5/0 models. It does pretty safely add 1 damage to her charge numbers.

For momentum, if you are planning to take damage, Cinnamon is pretty much guaranteed to make momentum on each attack. Her tackle and dodges aren’t momentous so if she’s going after the ball you should make momentum before hand.

Speaking of that tackle, let’s look at her chances of getting it.

Chance on Attack
Weighted Average:77.36%

Against anyone that has armor her tackle is better than oBrisket, but not as good when the target doesn’t have armor. Her tackle is better than Shank’s, as is expected.

Now, I have not talked about Ready, Set, Bake! yet… I have a problem with it. It costs 2 on a player that can only hold 3. Also, it really only matters on turn 1 (maybe turn 2). There is probably higher level of play that I am currently on that this matters a lot more, but for me it’s not worth the cost (both in influence and opportunity). There are options I like better (as you will see in the next couple paragraphs).

Where does that put her on a Butcher’s team and the Cook’s team. On Cook’s she is the best ball handler and scorer (I will talk about Sugar in her own article…). If you want to score a goal with them, and you probably do, then she’s your best bet. Shank can also fulfill this role if needed, though, and generally has better output when not working with the ball.

In Butchers she has more competition for the ball scoring role. Both Briskets and Shank are pretty good at the role (and probably Layne soon as well). I don’t really play vet Brisket because I like regular Brisket’s kit a lot better in pretty much any case. Shank should be played regardless of his ball handling abilities, so we are really looking for someone in addition to him (the exception is maybe Fillet, where I don’t play him right now). I would totally understand playing her in lists. She is completely reasonable in the roll of striker who can fight, however, I like Brisket more. They have comparable defenses (though Brisket is better against males) and comparable ball getting abilities, but differ in a lot of ways. Dropping Brisket means I lose access to Dirty Knives, and that’s the biggest deal. I use that play A LOT. The extra influence after scoring a goal with Brisket is also nice, but I don’t score goals that often (Brisket has a better shot on goal than Cinnamon, but it’s pretty close to the same if you factor everything in together – Brisket is 1 die more and 1″ more than Cinnamon with the same 3 influence).

A weird lineup that most players wouldn’t see coming might be Fillet, (Princess, probably), Shank, Cinnamon, Brisket (probably original), and Boiler or Meathook for now, but maybe Layne in the future. This team could go 2-2 or even 3-0 if needed to really catch people by surprise.

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