Chapter 43: Stagger or Singled Out? The answer may surprise you!

So with Veteran Captain Boar (VCB as the cool kids are calling him) comes the question: Which is better, Stagger or Singled Out? I looked at everyone that can play for VCB and did some math with singled out and stagger to see what’s what.

Note: I looked at average damage values to figure out which is better. I looked at damage for a couple reasons: 1. I have excel sheets set up to calculate damage already so it was easy to modify for this; 2. Damage is the bread and butter of the Butchers; and 3. Even though we are looking at damage an increase of damage indicates hitting higher in the playbook and thus is an indication of being able to pick more results that aren’t damage in the playbook. (As an example, I didn’t figure out how much more likely it would be for Shank to hit Thousand Cuts, but the character play that gets him more damage output is the character play that makes it easier to hit Thousand Cuts.)

I found that armor didn’t matter for which character play is better, only the defense and what model is doing the attacking. This is helpful for applying my results in a game because it’s one less variable to consider.

Veteran Captain Boar: The main man himself. As I mentioned in the first article I wrote, Boar wants to use Singled Out against 2 defense and Stagger against defense 4 or 5. Against defense 3 it doesn’t really matter which one the enemy has on them.

Princess: Everyone’s favorite dog. Princess benefits the most from Singled Out against any model that has 2, 3, or 4 defense. Against a model with 5 defense it was almost exactly the same, nothing anyone would notice a difference with.

Truffles: The little piggy who could. I just want to say that if Truffles even gets played it’s probably going to be with VCB. In his case it doesn’t matter what the enemy defense is, Truffles benefits more from Singled Out.

Roast: The big man likes singled out a lot. It’s the best against everything but 5 defense. And against 5 defense it’s so close that it doesn’t really matter which you pick.

Cinnamon: This lass is singled out all the way through. Doesn’t matter who she’s attacking those extra dice help her out the most. An easy to remember thing is that both Cooks can’t go wrong with Singled Out.

Boiler: The kid does best with Singled out against anyone that doesn’t have 5 defense. At 5 defense Stagger is better (but it’s not by much).

Brisket: Brisket has weird playbook since everything above column 1 is 2 damage, so the differences here (especially at 5 defense) are really just about how much she can get past column 1. Against 2 and 3 defense she wants Singled Out. Against 5 defense she wants Stagger . Against 4 defense it doesn’t matter which you pick.

Veteran Brisket: Defense 5 is stagger (but it’s close like with Boiler) and the rest is singled out.

Gutter: Just like with Vet Brisket she’s Singled Out against all but 5 defense, where she barely edges into Stagger being better.

Meathook: She had an interesting result. Against either of the 4 defense stats (4/0 or 4/1) she had absolutely no difference in damage if you added singled out or stagger. Everyone else was close when it didn’t matter (not enough difference to matter, but still a difference), but she came out exactly even. Against 2 or 3 defense it’s singled out and against 5 defense it’s stagger.

Veteran Ox: I expect to see this guy in a lot of Boar lists. Against 2 or 3 defense singled out is the go to. Against 4 defense the math slightly tilts toward stagger, but could be either. Stagger for 5 defense.

Shank: Another one I expect to see played with Boar a lot. He had the same results as Veteran Ox: Singled Out against 2 or 3 defense, Stagger by a hair against 4 defense (even closer than Veteran Ox), and stagger for sure against 5 defense.

Tenderiser: The last one. Singled Out against 2 and 3 defense. Every so slight tilt to Singled Out for 4 defense and stagger for 5 defense.

Now, you could use my data and base your choices on the models selected (and even more in depth, the model you are setting up) to figure out what to pick each time, but there’s a pretty general rule that has emerged:

Pick Singled Out against defenses 2, 3, and 4 and pick Stagger against defense 5 (or higher).

Singled out is clearly the best against defense 2 and 3. Stagger is (not quite as) clearly good against 5 defense with almost every model preferring it. 4 defense was a bit harder to call, but not by much. Only a couple prefer stagger against 4 defense and that’s usually barely.

That does bring use to an exception to the rule. Every good rule has to have an exception: If you are trying to kill a 4 defense model with Veteran Boar, pick Stagger instead of Singled Out. Important to know that exception because that WILL come up.

Thanks for reading today. I should have an article soon where I look at damage output of Boar teams vs. Ox teams. There’s a lot of people worried about Boar and I still think Ox is better and I aim to prove it.

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