Chapter 48: Wellington is more fun than Ramsey

Let’s take a look at the Cook’s Guild captain, Gordon Ramsey, I mean: Wellington. He’s interesting but Ox, or Boar, he’s not.

Singled out is really good for the Cook’s Guild. With their intimidate the extra dice help them a lot more than normal for reaching higher in their books. Chef’s Special is really good, of course, but not nearly as good as the owner aura. It’s not as big, it requires an activation to put up and cost influence to do (except under legendary). It’s a really bad version of owner, but hopefully intimidate and their playbooks make up for this (Spoiler Alert: I don’t think they do). Singled out is pretty easy to access and is momentous, which is awesome. He also has one of the only KDs in the faction (but the worst one that exists).

On the back of his card he has his legendary, which is pretty good in a team with a lot of character plays. Free character plays are good, free ground pounds, thousand cuts, and setting every model around you on fire before doing intensify are really good. Setting up free auras are also nice, of course, and should not be forgotten.

So, damage output is important so let’s look at that:

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.853.52

He does 2 damage against a lot of players, just not the 4/1 and 5/0 crew. Against them he’s getting 2 only about half the time. This is just base, though, so let’s look with Chef’s Special since that is probably something he’ll get to use a lot of the time:

Weighted Average:2.835.06

As expected, Chef’s special adds about 1 damage to each result. Might as well just add 1 and forget about the real math.

So, Singled Out. It’s good with Cook’s (you might have noticed that with the Singled Out or Stagger article because both Roast and Cinnamon prefer Singled Out). So I ran the numbers of Wellington getting it on an attack and the chance of him getting it on a wrap while charging.

Chance on Attack
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:93.87%89.59%

It’s very likely. Even against the “5” defense models it should happen a lot more than it doesn’t, even wrapping into it on a charge. Taking 4 damage, getting up singled out, and 2 momentum is probably worth charging even when it costs 2 influence, and you can make it cost 1 with Roast.

It’s pretty easy to make sure most of his attacks are under singled out, so let’s look at how much that helps.

Regular Damage
Chef's Special Damage
Weighted Average:2.743.90

In most cases singled out adds about one damage to his damage output, so with singled out and Chef’s Special he can regularly do about 4 damage a swing, which is pretty good output. He does normally spend 2 of his 6 possible influence to set this up. It’s worth it to do this, however, because the extra damage on two of the remaining attacks make up for not doing those two attacks.

Momentum generation on him is pretty good. As long as you are picking damage or singled out you make momentum. Usually the only result you might want to take that doesn’t have momentum is the KD. It’s pretty high in the book, but you can get it on a charge or with singled out pretty well. Here’s the probabilities:

Chance on Attack
Chance with SO
Chance on Charge
Weighted Average:26.75%69.79%89.59%

Don’t expect a regular attack to get there, but singled out is enough against anyone that doesn’t have “5” defense, which is only somewhat reliable on a charge.

And that brings us to the end, and saving the best for last. Scathing Rebuke is pretty good. It’s totally worth the 2 damage to clear conditions AND make a 2″ dodge. This will be used any time you have conditions on a model during Wellington’s activation, and sometimes just for the dodge. It’s so nice to see this sort of tech on a captain (or a mascot, like the mole) instead of on a squaddie, especially in the minor guilds.

Cooks are shaping up to what looks like a fun and interesting guild. I’m not sure that they’re any good, however. The auras are going to be hard to use, and maybe not strong enough for the set up they have to do. I’m getting the impression they are going to be like the Falconers were before 4.1, a lot of set up without enough payoff.

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