Chapter 49: Sugar, Sugar, You got me wanting more

Oh, Sugar, Sugar, what do we do with you?

Sugar is at the very least interesting. I was told that DC wanted to make a model that wanted to make snapshots, and that this is the implementation. She certainly looks like she wants to make snapshots. Snapshots are usually not good, however. We will certainly have to take a look at those in this article.

Something we know is good are dodges, and she gets a 4″ dodge just for setting people on fire. With Fire Blast. That’s pretty good. She also have a decent looking playbook, but not very good TAC. Sturdy is good, too.

Let’s start where we always start, with damage.

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.723.80

She does ok damage. She should be doing more than Cinnamon, but not as much as Roast or Wellington. Once again, like with the other Cooks, Chef’s Special adds a damage to her results, and so does Singled Out (in most cases).

She probably won’t be the main attacker because of her kit, she seems like she wants to stand back and throw fire blast. However, with season 4 the fire blast is now on the playbook so she can get it by fighting. So let’s look at her chances of accomplishing that.

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:34.89%93.95%

Looks like you are only going to get it regularly against “3” defense or less during an attack or against anyone on a charge. It’s actually easier to get it on the charge against the higher defense models (4 and 5 actual defense, not including armor) than it is to just buy and roll two dice. Even against the 3 defense models it’s pretty easy to charge and get and you could do that instead of rolling the two dice for the character play. It’s always good to get momentum, and if you get it then you can dodge 4″ from it at the end of activation.

Finally, we come to our look at her snap shot potential. For regular shots, TN 4, we get these probabilities for making goals:

Chance for Snap Shot
Chance for a goal

The two dice basically make up for the fact that you have to get two successes on the snap shot. We have almost the same percent for 3 dice on a regular shot as 5 dice on a snap shot. The same is true for a bonus time for each or if there’s a 1 die penalty. Those aren’t as close as the tap in comparison, though.

Chance for Snap Shot
Chance for a goal

If you can get in tap in range (which is a lot easier with 10″ kick for the snap shot) you have the same probability of getting a snap shot with those extra dice as you would with her without the extra dice, and she’s further away from the goal to do it. Now, to look at what it’s like with Tenderiser or any other model increasing the TN to 5:

Chance for Snap Shot
Chance for a goal

This is where things get bad for the snap shot. If you have to hit 5s on the goal then snap shots with 2 extra dice are a noticeably worse option.

I did not think that two extra dice would make up for it being a snap shot, but it does. The hard part of this is getting her in position and keeping her there and alive to do the snap shot. I can see the opponent pushing her out of range or just killing her to make sure you can’t shoot to her. There’s also just stealing the ball from the player that has it or KDing Sugar, though that’s a little harder with Sturdy. Lots of ways to interrupt this plan.

I’m not sure about Sugar. I have a feeling that she might get dropped so I can play Shank with his higher damage and mobility, or Tenderiser with that good KD on 2″ melee and damage (Tenderiser probably actually plays up with the team in Cooks). She does do good set up for Spice with that fire blast. 🙂

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