Chapter 50: Spice is everything nice

Spice is my favorite cook. She’s pretty cool with her berserks that trigger off intensify. She can even put conditions on everyone that would be affected by intensify, but she doesn’t really want to do that. You really want set up from Roast or Sugar before going in with her so she can do more damage. Or she can set herself up under Wellington’s legendary.

A not about intensify on this team: Wellington’s Chef’s Special aura does not add to intensify’s damage, unlike Ox’s Owner aura would. Chef’s Special is adds a damage only to playbook damage results and not to character plays.

Her damage output:

Attack Damage
Charge Damage
Weighted Average:1.633.36

The damage in the table is single target damage when they don’t have a condition. So if you get to column 2, you still have to take 1 damage. Chef’s Special adds about 1 damage to her results and Singled out also adds a damage to attack against everyone but the “5” defense models (it adds about 1/2 a damage there). Her single target damage is lower than some of the other players on the team, but she makes up for it by spreading damage to other players. That spread of damage is because of Intensify, so let’s look at our chances to get it on an attack or wrapping into it on a charge (she’s only going to want to charge when they cost 1 or her output is greatly reduced).

Charge Wrap
Weighted Average:86.71%29.54%

As you can see, she’s very likely to get intensify off anyone with an attack, but only wrapping into it on the lowest defensive models. With conditions out there already Spice can stroll up and do 4 intensifies pretty easily, doing 8 damage to everyone withing 3 of her that has a condition. If you do that at the end of turn and again at the beginning of the following turn that might be several take out right there. It’s awesome.

As much as I like her, she’s pretty simple when it comes down to it. 1. Set a bunch of people on fire before she goes. 2. Do intensify a lot. 3. Profit. And don’t forget the Get Over Here for Pepper like I always do.

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