Guild Ball and the Blind Consent

We are back for the next episode of “Ball is in Your Pitch.” Glad to have readers again. The title of this article says it all. If you take time to study the Guild Ball, there is something that you will see a lot of players do, and new players will adopt without thought because that is how you feel the game should be played. I know I am going to catch a lot of heat from this, and there will be a lot of players that will tell me that I am wrong but hear me out. That thing is having a list for your team based solely on if you are kicking or receiving the ball in your game.

Reading other articles and listening to podcasts I always hear players talk about if they are receiving, they will play “Captain 1” if they are kicking the play “Captain 2” or some list that is specially prepared just for those conditions. I, just like a lot of players, don’t want the game to go to clock every single time I play. I would like to get the game over with, in a timely fashion, but I have learned to be patient as well. So many players are so eager to get the first turn goal or so worried about stopping it that that’s how their teams are built. Why else would you build a team just based off of if you kick or receive? The reason it doesn’t make sense to me, again someone will try to explain it and it still won’t make sense, is that if you receive the ball, you score, now your opponent does their goal kick, and now it is as if you kicked the ball. By that logic your receiving captain isn’t who you want to have played.

            I, and some other that I game with don’t build teams based off of if we are kicking or receiving. We build based off of the teams that we will be facing. It feels like a smarter choice. In a perfect world you will win all of your games 12-0, but this isn’t a perfect world, and it is safe to assume that the ball will change hands during the game. You should be prepared for the game in the long run and not totally focus on the first turn goal regardless of which side of the pitch you are on.

With everything there are exception to rules, and this one I feel Farmers really are the team that you should pick captains based off whether you kick or receive, due to their playstyle they want to dictate where engagement happens.

Like I said earlier, people will tell me that I am wrong, or that the “top players” play that way so it has to be right. I do everything I can to think outside of the box, and I prefer to keep it that way. I try to see the game as a whole, and see what I could be facing in turns three and four, rather than worry about that first turn and playing after that. There have been many games I have been behind in the beginning and just staying calm because I didn’t get the first turn goal. Playing my game in the end lead me to a win. Those four point on the first turn is no reason to panic so just pace yourself and play the game that you prepared for the long run. The first turn isn’t the only turn where things can happen.

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