Chapter 53: There’s something about Boar-y

Wherein we go over the changes to the Butchers team for guild ball and the author’s thoughts on those changes.

I’m going to start with the easy ones: Brisket loses charmed (male) and gains 1 hp in return. A so-so model gets pretty much a straight nerf… I fully understand removing charmed from the game, but she doesn’t really get anything in return.

The other small change was to Veteran Brisket. Quick Time went down in cost to 1 for the 2″ dodge. I’m not sure this is enough for her to see play since other Brisket and Layne both seem better. Maybe she fits into a Vet Boar list now?

And that brings us to Vet Boar himself. Boar got a pretty big nerf, hitting several areas. There have definitely been worse nerfs in the game’s history, but I think this one is pretty significant even if it doesn’t take him into the ground (like some have in the past). He loses a speed, an influence, her lost 2 hp, and damage on his GB results from his book. He’s going to be a lot harder to use at the highest level of play now. I would say that good players have figured out good ways around Boar after getting games against him, and these changes are going to make it very hard to play Boar into those players. He gets easier to manage for players who haven’t figured out how to get around him so some of those hard feelings should get a little softer. It’s even more important to take both Cinnamon and Boiler now, and in some cases you’re going to have to do something to set Boar up (go in on KD’d models, or if they have no momentum). Learn to pick your targets better, Boar players, and be patient and it won’t be too bad. If you play him on autopilot like I’ve seen some people do it’s going to go worse for you than it has (and I’ve seen it go pretty bad, even in my own games).

Not too bad of an adjustment for Butchers players. Might mean we see some other captains besides Boar in the near future.

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